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TriDef 3d is an application that allows 3d conversion of video games and multimedia files. TriDef recently added Beta functionality which allows it to work with the Oculus Rift Development Kit. This document is going to be primarily used to keep track of the specific games that are compatible with the Beta version of TriDef 3d.

Tridef 3D is currently the best third-party driver to run non-Rift-compatible with the Oculus Rift. I have a post here where there are settings for values I use, but I've noticed that those values might for some reason change when restarting the game. And because of people's different kind of FOVs, IPDs and mouse sensitivities many of these values are wrong. That's why I made a little step-by-step tutorial for you to set up everything by yourself.[1]


Tridef can be downloaded here. You can use the trial for 14 days. Tridef Oculus Rift integration can be downloaded here

  1. Open up Tridef. If your game is not on the list, add it. Make a new profile for it unless there is already one.
  2. Open the game through Tridef.
  3. Continue/load/start the game, find yourself a spot where you can idle. (Do not wear Rift yet)
  4. Open up the game's settings and change mouse sensitivity to something you like (I recommend slow because of Rift, but not too slow so you can make >90° turns). Turn V-sync and mouse acceleration off.
  5. If available, adjust fov the biggest you can get. This way objects should not disappear from the edges of your vision.
  6. Open OSD by pressing numpad 0
  7. Put Rift on, go to HMD settings and change "Force FOV" to "both", then adjust "Output FoV" so that you can't anymore see the black edges when looking forwards. (110-120 works usually for me.) You can change the value faster by holding Ctrl while pressing or holding 4 or 6.
  8. Adjust "Game FoV" so that it doesn't look like zoomed in (FoV too small) or weird warping at the edges of your vision (FoV too big).
  9. Take Rift off and go to head-tracking settings. Set yaw and pitch to "on" and auto-detect "off".
  10. Keep your Rift straight forward, then turn it 90° to left or right.
  11. Look at the game. If your character has turned over 90°, make "Yaw scale" bigger and if less than 90 then make it smaller.
  12. Put Rift facing forward again. Then turn it left and right to test the head-tracking is correct.
  13. Then look all the way up and all the way down with Rift. Adjust "Pitch scale" so that in-game up-down is 1:1 with Rift moving up and down.
  14. Go to 3D settings and check that "Depth level" is 30, then go back to HMD settings.
  15. This is a tricky part. Adjust "World scale" so that the world feels right. With too big values everything looks too small/too close.
  16. "OSD depth" is usually good in 0.0-0.10, try yourself if the game has a crosshair. "Output quality" is best as "High".

Common issues[edit]

Can't use mouse for the whole screen[edit]

Change the game's resolution to 1280x800.

Can't see the game's HUD or UI[edit]

Press Numpad +. This enables a Safe Mode that allows you to see the whole screen. You can change the Safe Mode's FoV from the OSD settings. This is a common problem with regular games because they are not designed for the Rift. In some cases when the game is moddable (Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout 3 + New Vegas) you can download mods or change the configuration files to resize the HUD.

Game doesn't start in Rift Mode[edit]

Make sure the game is running DirectX9. You can sometimes enable DirectX9 from the game's settings and then just restart the game. In many Steam games adding "-dx9" to launch options forces the game to run the DirectX9 mode. Also remember that some games run only DirectX10 or higher, and thus can't be played with Tridef and the Oculus Rift.

View squished when rolling head[edit]

Change the game's resolution to something with 16:10 (usually 1280x800 is a safe choise). If that doesn't help, change the "Image Stretch" from OSD settings to 0.

No head-tracking or roll[edit]

Make sure the wires are properly attached and no other program or demo that uses the Rift is running. There are also couple games where the roll doesn't work.

Tested games[edit]

Games Status (Perfect=0, Very Playable=1, Playable=2, Don't bother=3) TriDef Settings Used FPS (Average) Comments 1 Comments 2 System Spec. Used TBD
Aliens vs Predator 2 Output FOV=90,Game FOV=90 x-axis tracking inverted, adjust x-axis calc' by 1000 in opposite direction. Game FOV forced @90 causes some distortions at the sides when looking around, but it's still certainly playable I7 3770 - GTX 580 -W7x64 Example
ARMA II Operation Arrowhead 2 hmd world depth:0.00 VeryHigh: 20; High: 25-30; Medium: 40-45 TriDef / Game Instructions: Turn Off headtracking, Use Opentrack / FreePIE to emulate Rift -> TrackIR, Enable TrackIR as a controller through game, Tridef -> HMD Settings -> World Scale 0.03, Tridef -> HMD Settings -> Headtracking -> All Off, Tridef -> HMD Settings -> Force FOV -> Both, Tridef -> HMD Settings -> Output -> 97 (or however much it takes so no black borders), Tridef -> HMD Settings -> Game -> 110, Tridef -> 3D -> Scene Depth -> 30 (as it always should be)! I7-GTX 650 Example
BeamNG Drive 2 Custom 40 on lowest settings Example
Binary Domain 0 Binary Domain profile 50-60
Bioshock 1 1 Generic 60+ Game Settings: Scene Depth: 30 (As Always) World Scale: 40 Head Tracking: On Auto Scale Pitch / Yaw: Off Pitch: -400 Yaw: -400 Force FOV: Both (or alternatively see below). Output: 90 (or until you cannot see black borders) Game: 100 (Feel free to change this one as you see comfortable) Bioshock Settings: Steam Launch Condition -dx9 Turn off shadows. Note: You can also set the proper UDK FOV by: -Open %APPDATA%\Bioshock\user.ini and don't forget to backup -Search for first F6=EquipAbility6 F7=ResetFOV F10=SetFOV 70 F11=SetFOV 120 Phenom x6 - GTX 580 - 8GB ram Example
Blur 1 Blur profile Game FOV 90 Output 70 60+ phenom ii x4 965 - GTX780
Counterstrike GO 1 60+ i7 3770 - GTX 670
Cryostasis 2 Cryostasis profile Game & Output FOV=88, 50+ some distortions around the edges, getting FOV acceptable makes textures on the sides jumpy phenom ii x4 965 - GTX780
Crysis 1 1 Crysis profile, Game £ Output 85 50+ to force DX9 place -dx9 argument after shortcut in properties, ex: "F:Programs\Crysis\Bin32\Crysis.exe" -dx9 phenom ii x4 965 - GTX780
DCS Black Shark 1 Output FOV=90,Game FOV=90 Works quite fantastic. i7 3770 - GTX 580 -W7x64
Deus Ex 1 2 Generic 60+ HUD is out of focus and messy. Aiming with your head works just fine. Have to run it under Direct3D 9 Mode.
Doom 1 & 2 BFG edition 0 Generic 60+ Works well, head tracking limited to side to side due to no freelook support in the game -Peejle 7870 8GB i5 OC
Dreamfall 2 60+ Y-axis doesn't work..random crashes(here).. Fx 8150 - GTX 680
Elder Scrolls: Morrowind 2 TES Skyrim profile, Game & Output FOV at 98 Install MGE XE to convert DX8->DX9 and enable support, objects start getting despawned outside normal FOV area, unsure how to fix Despawning objects can be fixed by increasing game fov. See instructions here i5 - GTX 680
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim 1 TES Skyrim profile, Game & Output FOV at 110. World scale 3 20-30 (highest settings), 60+ (lowest settings) Can't see HUD and menus&inventory is hard to navigate. Can be fixed with mods. Head-tracking seems to have some latency issues. 7850, i5, 8Gb RAM
Elder Scrolls Online (BETA) 2 Generic profile, FOV = Game: ~90. World scale 0.06 40+ in towns, 70+ outside with custom settings Maximize HUD scale in game settings. To force DX9 set GraphicsDriver.7 "D3D9" in "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\UserSettings.txt". No true fullscreen, used 1280x800 and 1920x1200 desktop modes, in latter case set "Desktop res" in tridef 3D display settings HUD is barely visible, sky rendering and water reflections are broken. Texts are barely readable. Phenom X6 @3.6, X9 290X, 12Gb RAM
Fallout: New Vegas 2 Example Example Example Example
Halo 1 & 2 1 Example Example Example Example
Kerbal Space Program 2 Generic 60 no headtracking but sitting in the capsule with Jebediah is fun i7 860 - AMD 6870
Mafia 2 1 Example Generic For FOV adjust, DL First Person View and Rick's tool and edit PC/sds/tables/tables.sds->playercamera XML. I changed FOV values to 110. Can also edit the other camera XML files too. I7 3770 - GTX 580 -W7x64
MechWarrior: Living Legends 2 Crysis, Force FOV = Both, Game and Output FOV around 100 40 playable in battle armor, HUD in mech doesn't converge, some lighting glitches i7 860 - AMD 6870
Metro 2033 1 Metro Last Light profile Game & Output FOV 85 50+ Alter FOV outside of tridef: Go to the user.cfg file located at %LOCALAPPDTA%\4A Games\Metro 2033-> Edit it with a text editor such as Notepad. -> Find the value called: sick_fov 45. -> Change this value to sick_fov 90. phenom ii x4 965 - GTX780
Nitronic Rush 1 Only roll headtracking
Rayman legends 2 60+ playable in standard FOV but bigger FOV (which you kinda want for this game) means geometry/textures missing in areas of peripheral vision) Fx 8150 - GTX 680
Receiver 3 Generic scale is all off, tried correcting it and got kinda close but the gun only shows in one eye
Red Orchestra 2 2 30-60, with low settings Can't see menus, map, hud or anything else. Shooting enemies far away can be hard. Recognising enemies is hard with low reso. Shadows doesn't work. 7850, i5, 8Gb of RAM
Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed 2 Generic 60+ On my setup receiving a near-constant flickering and white flashing on the screen. Disabling AA, shadows, trying different resolutions and AMD drivers does not seem to fix this. Any troubleshooting suggestions appreciated! 7850 i5-3570k
Sonic Generations 1 Generic 60+ Force FOV Both. Output: 105. Game: 100. World Scale: 0.50. No Headtracking. 7850 i5-3570k
Spec ops: the line 2 camera feels strange Fx 8150 - GTX 680
Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 1 Depth=15, Headtracking=off, Game_FOV=60, Output_FOV=60 60 In the device settings of tridef "Game Res" was selected, and in game options 1920*1080 was selected. Has to disable blur too. And in very close up characters wont look good. Depth can be bigger than 15 but close up cinematics will not look "focusable" (try it, you'll understand) i7 - nvidia ti 660 - 8GB Ram
System Shock 2 3 Generic 60 Nightmarish sliding floor and wall textures, some HUD elements hard to use. Only playable if you've played it before -Peejle Floor and wall textures can be fixed by disabling "3D Texture Copy". No 3D and no head-roll. 7870 8GB i5 OC
The walking dead 1 to 2 Generic 60 Example Example Example Example
Thief 1&2 3 Generic 60 Floor and wall textures bugged. Can be fixed by disabling "3D Texture Copy". No 3D and no head-roll. 7850 8GB i5
Trine 2 1 Generic 60 Action buttons look funny, motiontracking isn't a good idea but the 3d looks really cool, bigger FOV means geometry/textures/objects missing in areas of peripheral vision, turn down 3d for cutscenes to look allright 7850 i5-3570k


  1. How to set up Tridef 3D : oculus - Reddit