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DualShock 4
XInput support
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Key points

Uses standard Bluetooth (v2.1 + EDR) for wireless communication and micro-USB for wired.
Even though lacking XInput, some games do offer native support for the controller without any extra software necessary and also works as native DirectInput controller. See support in games.
Some controllers unique features like speaker and headphone jack can't be utilized on PC at all and some features like lightbar and gyroscope requires native support from game or software.

General information

PC Games with DualShock 4 support

Using wirelessly[edit]

Wireless Adaptor[edit]

Official peripheral, if using Remote Play or PlayStation Now wirelessly it's required.
Installs itself also as an audio device, making it possible to output audio from 3.5mm jack from the controller.
Similar to regular bluetooth connection, games with native controller support may not work with the adapter, even if they work with wired connection.


If games have native controller support, they might not work with wireless bluetooth mode.[1] Wireless adaptor, wired connection or workaround with XInput wrapper is required then.
Using PS4 Remote Play, upcoming Playstation Now and other official Sony PlayStation software doesn't work in wireless bluetooth mode and requires either wireless adaptor or USB cable.
Pair the controller[citation needed]
  1. Press and hold controller's PlayStation and share buttons at the same time until lightbar starts to blink.
  2. From OS bluetooth settings, select "Wireless controller" and pair it.
    • If asking for pair code, use 0000.


To shut down the controller, simply hold PlayStation button until lightbar shuts down.


Current beta of Steam.
Similar to Steam Controller settings, easily modifiable from Steam overlay.
Double inputs, games with native support might see the controller as an Xbox controller.

Support in games[edit]

While most modern games require XInput, some games have native support for DualShock 4.

Games with DualShock button prompts[edit]

Please note that this is only a list for games that offer DualShock button prompts; some may require modding or using XInput wrapper. Some games on the list only offer DualShock prompts on certain systems. Refer to game-specific articles for details.
Game Developer Publisher Engine Release dates
Ōkami HD Clover Studio
12 December 2017
Star Ocean: The Last Hope Tri-Ace Square Enix
28 November 2017
Outcast: Second Contact Appeal Bigben Interactive Unity
14 November 2017
Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy Eurocom
THQ Nordic
THQ Nordic EngineX
10 November 2017
macOS (OS X)
10 November 2017
10 November 2017
Hand of Fate 2 Defiant Development Unity
7 November 2017
macOS (OS X)
7 November 2017
7 November 2017
Assassin's Creed Origins Ubisoft Montreal Ubisoft AnvilNext
27 October 2017
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus MachineGames Bethesda Softworks Id Tech 6
27 October 2017
Destiny 2 Bungie Activision
24 October 2017
WWE 2K18 Visual Concepts
2K Sports
17 October 2017
A Hat in Time Gears for Breakfast Unreal Engine 3
5 October 2017
macOS (OS X)
5 October 2017
Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Spike Chunsoft
26 September 2017
Fortnite: Battle Royale Epic Games
People Can Fly
Epic Games Unreal Engine 4
26 September 2017
SteamWorld Dig 2 Image & Form
22 September 2017
macOS (OS X)
22 September 2017
22 September 2017
Figment Bedtime Digital Games
22 September 2017
macOS (OS X)
22 September 2017
22 September 2017
Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 PES Productions Konami Fox Engine
13 September 2017
... further results

Native support without prompts[edit]

Following entries work with DualShock 4 directly with correct button placement, but do not offer DualShock button prompts, instead usually 360 prompts are given. In some cases, all XInput controllers have to be disabled or unplugged for DualShock 4 to work.
Games with generic DirectInput support do also work with the controller, however button placements may be out of place and need to be rebound. See game-specific article for rebinding support.

Games with DualShock 4 light bar support[edit]

Please note that for some titles, light bar support may be only available on certain systems. Please refer to the game's article for exact information.
... further results


XInput wrapping[edit]

Acting as native DirectInput controller, it's possible to use any of the generic wrappers. See the controller article for those.


Extensive program with high amount of customization. Can be used as XInput, keyboard and mouse wrapper with macros or just as an extend of the controller to use controllers features like touchpad, gyroscope, haptic feedback and lighbar.
Alternative DS4Windows fork from Ryochan7 which is frequently updated and fixes many bugs from original version.
Lightbar support can't be disabled and it will overwrite and can interfere with games own support.

Double input[edit]

This is caused by controller showing up as two, first as native DirectInput controller and second as emulated XInput, Xbox 360 Controller.
Disable emulated XInput controller (profile specific option)[citation needed]
  1. Under Profiles tab, select desired profile and edit it.
  2. Under Controls tab, from lower right corner, check "Use Dinput only".


This makes it easier to enable XInput with game-by-game basis if game doesn't support the controller or DirectInput.
Hide DualShock 4 (global option)[citation needed]
  1. Under Settings tab, check "Hide DS4 Controller"


This makes the controller always show up as single XInput controller, making controller work properly with majority of modern titles.


Earlier known as DS4Tool and DS4Windows, not to be confused with current DS4Windows.
Ad supported donationware.


An unofficial continuation of the ScpServer DualShock 3 driver set, it simplifies the installation process and provides expanded functionality over the original drivers. It also includes its own drivers for PlayStation 4 controllers. See the GitHub repository for details.


Controller is natively supported since kernel 3.15.
Lightbar support may require some modification to system file permissions. See FNA engine page or game-specific articles for details.

Issues fixed[edit]

Game sees two controllers, game takes two control inputs at once[edit]

This is caused by third party XInput wrappers. The software creates virtual XInput controller and the game regocnizes and uses both actual hardware and created virtual controller as it supports them both.
Disable one of the controllers

To use controller like developers intender, do any of the following:

  • Quit all the XInput wrappers, including DS4Windows, SCP, InputMapper, etc.
  • Disable virtual XInput device from wrapping software globally or game specifically.
  • Uninstall all the XInput wrappers.

To use controller as XInput device:

  • Hide Dualshock 4 controller from the XInput wrapping software.

Fast movement without input[edit]

This is most likely caused by game being designed for XInput controllers only, but still taking inputs from DirectInput controllers. What this means is that game is reading Dualshock 4 controllers shoulder axis which are not centered as right stick.
Rebind Controller Buttons
For Unity games with no launchers hold Shift to access the launcher as the game starts, then select the Input tab.
Check the wiki article for the desired game to find a different rebinding solution. Configuration files may hold such settings.
Use XInput wrapper
For Dualshock 4 specific methods, you can see OS specific solutions above. For generic DirectInput and per game solutions, see controller article.
For more information and other controllers, see controller article.

Other information[edit]

Worn analog sticks[edit]

Worn analog sticks are a known issue and Sony should've changed rubber material for new controllers.[4] If the controller is still under warranty contact Sony or the retailer for replacement instructions.[5] Worn sticks can also be replaced manually (follow this guide).

Technical information[edit]

Original: Wireless controller, HWID: 054C:05C4
New variation (released with Slim and Pro): Wireless Controller, HWID: 054C:09CC
Wireless Adapter: Device name: DUALSHOCK®4 USB Wireless Adaptor , HWID: 054C:0BA0
Controller button Button label and axis
Square Button 1
Cross Button 2
Circle Button 3
Triangle Button 4
L1 Button 5
R1 Button 6
L2 Button 7, X-rotation
R2 Button 8, Y-rotation
Share Button 9
Options Button 10
Left stick Button 11, X-axis, Y-axis
Right stick Button 12, Z-axis, Z-rotation
PlayStation button Button 13
Touchpad Button 14
D-pad up POV up
D-pad down POV down
D-pad left POV left
D-pad right POV right


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