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Far Cry 3
Far Cry 3 cover.jpg
Release dates
November 29, 2012
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 Far Cry 3 at Wikipedia
Far Cry
Far Cry 2004
Far Cry 2 2008
Far Cry 3 2012
Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon 2013
Far Cry 4 2014

Key points

Advantage PC version features high resolution textures, tessellation, high quality shadows and more PC-specific features.
Disadvantage Large number of issues reported on multiple hardware configurations, including texture problems, falling through the world, etc.

General information

More information Official game site
More information Ubisoft Forums - PC Discussion
More information Ubisoft Forums - Technical Community Help
More information Far Cry Wiki
More information Steam Community Discussions
More information Steam Users' Forums for game series


Source DRM Notes Keys
Retail Availability Table Icons - Uplay.svg
Amazon.com Availability Table Icons - Uplay.svg Deluxe Edition, Standard Steam, Deluxe Edition Steam, Deluxe Bundle DLC
Amazon.co.uk Availability Table Icons - Uplay.svg Deluxe Edition, Deluxe Bundle DLC
Direct2Drive Availability Table Icons - Uplay.svg Deluxe Edition
GamersGate Availability Table Icons - Uplay.svg Deluxe Edition, Deluxe Bundle DLC
GameStop Availability Table Icons - Uplay.svg Deluxe Edition, Deluxe Bundle DLC
Green Man Gaming Availability Table Icons - Uplay.svg Deluxe Edition, Deluxe Bundle DLC Playfire client required for download.
Humble Store Availability Table Icons - Uplay.svg Deluxe Edition
Origin Availability Table Icons - Uplay.svg Origin client required for download.
Steam Availability Table Icons - Steam.svgAvailability Table Icons - Uplay.svg Can be run without the Steam client by passing the "-uplay_steam_mode" command line argument to a main executable.[1]
Uplay Availability Table Icons - Uplay.svg Deluxe Edition, Deluxe Bundle DLC
Information All versions require Uplay.

Version differences[edit]

Information The Digital Deluxe Edition (Deluxe Edition) is a complete edition containing the base game and all DLC.
Information The Deluxe Bundle DLC Pack (Deluxe Bundle DLC) contains all DLC from The Digital Deluxe Edition for those who bought the base game.

Essential improvements[edit]

Skip intro videos[edit]

Fix Launch game with -skipintro parameter

Game data[edit]

Configuration file(s) location[edit]

User profile settings[edit]

Windows %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Far Cry 3\GamerProfile.xml

Keybindings and input settings[edit]

Windows %LOCALAPPDATA%\My Games\Far Cry 3\InputUserActionMap.xml

Save game data location[edit]

Windows <Uplay-folder>\savegames\<user-id>\46\

Save game cloud syncing[edit]

System Native Notes
Steam Cloud No native support
Uplay Native support Save games automatically sync.
GameSave Manager Native support

Video settings[edit]

In-game general video settings.
In-game advanced video settings.
Graphics option Option WSGF Notes
Widescreen resolution Native support WSGF WS Gold.svg See Widescreen resolution for setting a custom resolution.
Multi-monitor Native support WSGF MM Silver.svg
4K Ultra HD Native support WSGF Incomplete.svg
Field of view (FOV) Native support Between 55° and 110°; use Flawless Widescreen for higher settings.
Windowed Native support
Borderless fullscreen windowed Native support Set with "window mode" in-game.
Anisotropic filtering (AF) Hackable Force in the graphics card control panel.
Anti-aliasing (AA) Native support Changeable MSAA from 0 to 8x, Post FX handles FXAA.
Because the way MSAA is implemented it may leave some aliasing when used with SSAO.[2]
Vertical sync (Vsync) Native support
60 FPS Native support
120+ FPS Native support No frame rate or refresh rate cap.[3] May need to cap frame rate to avoid microstuttering.[citation needed]

Widescreen resolution[edit]

Fix Edit GamerProfile.xml

  1. Open GamerProfile.xml with a text editor.
  2. Locate ResolutionX="x" and change x to custom resolution.
  3. Locate ResolutionY="x" and change x to custom resolution.
Information Whenever you change graphical settings in-game ResolutionX and ResolutionY will be reset to 800x600.

Disable depth of field[edit]

Information This only disables depth of field on background and when not aiming.
Advantage This enhances antialiasing on forests and objects that are near, stabilizes the frame rate fluctuation, fixes the low-res textures on the background and can give a huge FPS boost in open view areas, for example, on the top of a tower.

Fix Edit GamerProfile.xml

  1. Before doing anything, set PostFx in-game settings to low and save.
  2. Open GamerProfile.xml with a text editor.
  3. Locate PostFxQuality="x" and change x to false.

Disable HDR[edit]

Information Disabling HDR improves performance.

Fix Edit GamerProfile.xml

  1. Open GamerProfile.xml with a text editor
  2. Find Hdr="x" and change x to 0.

Disable ambient occlusion[edit]

Disadvantage Ambient occlusion can't be disabled completely through the in-game settings when playing in DirectX 11, only switched to various techniques available (SSAO, HBAO, HDAO).
Disadvantage Use of SSAO makes MSAA useless because the way it's implemented[2]

Fix Edit GamerProfile.xml

  1. Open GamerProfile.xml with a text editor.
  2. Locate SSAOLevel="x" and change x to 0.


Information Whenever you change graphical settings in-game SSAOLevel="0" is changed back to the default 1 (SSAO).

Disable motion blur[edit]

Information Disabling also helps to reduce input lag.
Information Even if motion blur is handled by PostFX setting, completely disabling PostFX doesn't seem to work. It can be disabled with <post> in configuration file but game seems to remove it with every launch.

Fix Edit GamerProfile.xml

  1. Open GamerProfile.xml located in configuration file location.
  2. Paste following to new line after </CustomQuality> (sample):
    <quality GameDepthOfField="0" CinematicDepthOfField="0" MotionBlur="0" FXAALevel="0" id="ultrahigh" />
  3. Save the file and make it read only.


Information Making file read only prevents game from changing any settings so make sure other settings are OK before doing this.

Input settings[edit]

In-game general control settings.
In-game key map settings.
In-game gamepad layout settings.
Keyboard and mouse Native Notes
Remapping Native support Vehicle controls not rebindable.
Mouse acceleration Native support Positive acceleration can be switched off, see section below if you are experiencing negative mouse acceleration.
Mouse input in menus No native support Cannot access menus with mouse when using controller.
Mouse Y-axis inversion Native support
Controller support Native support No mixed controller and keyboard controls for vehicle sections.[4]
Full controller support No native support One time prompt to switch to controller which cannot be answered with a controller.
Controller remapping No native support Three sets of bindings.
Controller Y-axis inversion Native support

Manually bind Enter key to an action[edit]

Fix Edit InputUserActionMap.xml

  1. Open InputUserActionMap.xml with a text editor
  2. Locate and replace, or append the following code:
<ActionMap name="common_use_remap">
   <MassRename MergeKey="remap">
      <Rename hexInput="0x646CA0E7:0xA79E3F0F" hexToInput="0x646CA0E7:0xEFDA7A5A" />
Information The hex codes are CRC32B hashes of key names. The first half corresponds to either "kb" (0x646CA0E7) or "mouse" (0xAF35B6ED). The second half is the name of the key or button.
Information To bind Keypad Enter, replace 0xA79E3F0F ("return") with 0x949D9DA2 ("numpadreturn") in the example above.

Toggle aiming down sights (ADS) for weapons[edit]

Fix Edit GamerProfile.xml

  1. Open GamerProfile.xml with text editor.
  2. Locate IronsightToggleMode="0" and change it to IronsightToggleMode="1"

Negative mouse acceleration[edit]

Disadvantage Negative mouse acceleration prevents fast mouse movements. Mouse acceleration option in the Options menu does not fix the negative effect.

Fix Disable negative mouse acceleration

  1. Download the latest version of the Far Cry 3 Mod tools
  2. Extract the file
  3. Go into <path-to-game>\data_win32
  4. Right click on Common.fat and select Open with
  5. Select browse, then go into the "bin" folder you just extracted and select Gibbed.Dunia2.Unpack.EXE
  6. Then, open up the newly created Common_Unpack folder and go into the actionmaps folder.
  7. Open Inputactionmapscommon.xml with a text editor
  8. Find and replace all instances of maxoutput="10" with maxoutput="999999".
  9. Save the file.
  10. Go back to Data_win32 folder.
  11. Now open another Window and head over to the bin folder.
  12. Drag the common_Unpack folder and place it onto Gibbed.Dunia2.Pack.EXE
  13. Delete Common.dat and Common.fat
  14. Rename Common_Unpack.dat and Common_Unpack.fat to Common.dat and Common.fat respectively.

Audio settings[edit]

In-game audio settings.
Audio options Native Notes
Separate volume controls No native support
Surround sound Native support Up to 5.1 output[5][6]
Subtitles Native support Under video settings.
Closed captions No native support
Mute on focus lost Native support


Language UI Audio CC Notes
English Native support Native support Native support
Czech Native support No native support Native support
Danish Native support No native support Native support
Dutch Native support No native support Native support
French Native support Native support Native support
German Native support Native support Native support
Italian Native support Native support Native support
Norwegian Native support No native support Native support
Polish Native support No native support Native support
Portuguese Native support No native support Native support
Russian Native support Native support Native support
Spanish Native support Native support Native support
Swedish Native support No native support Native support


Multiplayer types

Type Native Players Notes
Local play No native support Not included despite being advertised.[7] Only available on consoles.[8]
LAN play No native support
Online play Native support 18 Versus, Co-op
Co-op supports 4 players.

Connection types

Type Native Notes
Matchmaking Native support
Peer-to-peer Native support
Dedicated No native support
Self-hosting Native support
Direct IP No native support


Protocol Port(s) and/or port range(s)
TCP (outbound) 80, 443, 13000, 13005, 13200
UDP (outbound) 9000-9005, 21800-21845

VR support[edit]

3D modes Native GG3D Notes
Native 3D Unknown Unknown icon.svg
Nvidia 3D Vision Hackable False icon.svg See FarCry3: Blood Dragon (DX9 only) - 3D Vision fix.
TriDef 3D Unknown GG3D silver.svg
iZ3D Unknown Unknown icon.svg

Issues unresolved[edit]

Crash after first cutscene and random crashing[edit]

Disadvantage Crashes can randomly happen in all parts of the game.[9]
Disadvantage Crash are more frequent after first -unskippable- cutscene.[10]

Fix Switch to DirectX 9[11]

Changing from DirectX 11 to 9 in the video settings may solve this problem.

Fix Disable any sort of forced AA[11]

Fix Nvidia 500-series cards[12]

Raising your GPU Core Voltage by 25/50 mV may fix crashes. For step-by-step instructions see reference

Textures and artifacting[edit]

Issues fixed[edit]

Change UI language[edit]

Disadvantage For some reason Far Cry 3 will sometimes have a (poorly) translated interface.

Fix Set language in registry

  1. Open the Registry Editor:
    • Vista and later: open the Start screen/Start menu, type regedit and press Enter.
    • Windows XP: press Win+R, type regedit and press Enter.
  2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Ubisoft\Far Cry 3
  3. Set Language to English
  4. Set SKU to US

Cap frame rate[edit]

Advantage This is the best method to eliminate microstuttering - especially with the DX11 executable.[citation needed]

Fix Framerate Cap

  • Create a shortcut to the game executable.
  • Right click on the shortcut and go to 'Properties'.
  • In the 'Target' box, after the quotes, add -RenderProfile_MaxFPS 60
  • Change the value 60 to your refresh rate or whatever you want really.
This method is better than adding the command in GamerProfile.xml because you won't have to set the properies to 'read only', so you can change this parameter without having to lock graphics settings or gameplay settings.


Advantage These forms of V-Sync can reduce micro-stuttering.[13][14]

Fix Adaptive and dynamic V-sync

  • For Nvidia cards, Adaptive V-Sync can be enabled through the driver control panel. Set 'Vertical sync' to Adaptive.
  • For AMD cards, Dynamic V-Sync can be enabled using the third-party program RadeonPro. Click the Add new profile icon and find the Far Cry 3 executable (farcry3_d3d11.exe or farcry3.exe). Click the newly created profile and click the Tweaks tab. Set 'VSync Control' to Always on. Enable 'Dynamic Framerate Control' and set 'Keep up to' to 60.

Fix CPU Affinity in Windows 8.1[citation needed]

  • For Windows 8.1 users, toggle off the core with max usage in the CPU affinity settings. For Core i7 CPUs, toggle the hijacking core and its corresponding logical thread.

Multi-GPU crash[edit]

Information If your game freezes and crashes when entering a saved game, you must disable the Post FX option.

Fix Lowering the Post FX option

  1. Enter the game and enter the Options menu.
  2. Enter the Video Quality menu.
  3. Set the graphics quality to Custom
  4. Set all parameters to your personal preference.
  5. Set the Post FX options to Low

Game stuck on splash screen[edit]

Disadvantage Game splash screen pops up on desktop and freezes, doing nothing until the process is ended.

Fix Edit GamerProfile.xml

  1. Open GamerProfile.xml with a text editor
  2. Find VSync="x" and change x to 0

Fix Delete GamerProfile.xml

  1. If the above does not work, delete %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Far Cry 3\GamerProfile.xml

Game stuck on first skill tree[edit]

Fix Select the takedown skill by double-clicking on it, then select another skill[15]

Parachute will not open[edit]

Game reports wrong button for opening parachute when jumping with wing-suit. There seems to be link between crouch binding and change vehicle seat binding. Make sure that these actions are bound to same key.[16]

Multiplayer weapons will not level up[edit]

Disadvantage Weapons earn EXP and level up during matches, but do no retain EXP post-game; weapons stay at level 1 indefinitely.

Fix Copy the save file to alternate path

  1. Copy folder 46 from: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames\0c7ddfbe-d92d-4270-8cf9-3493a81f0c2d\
  2. Go to %PROGRAMDATA%\ and make a folder called Orbit (if it does not already exist).
  3. Make sure Orbit is set to hidden (right-click, Properties, Hidden).
  4. Paste folder 46 into Orbit.

Installation issues[edit]

When using a C:\ drive with limited space such as an SSD, the game will not install onto a secondary drive even if you have sufficient free space.

Fix Copy temporary files

  1. Go to your temporary files %temp%
  2. Find the Far Cry 3 install folder
  3. Copy these folder to your secondary drive, then start the setup process

Fix Change temp folders location to different drive

  1. Prepare new folder for temp files in different drive.
  2. Right click on top of start button and select System
  3. From left column open Advanced system settings
  4. From Advanced tab click Environment Variables button.
  5. In user variable list, change both TEMP and TMP to newly created folder.
  6. Save changes and restart computer.


Information To access enviroment variables more quickly, simply search for Enviroment variables with Windows search.

First loading screen stalls or takes excessive amounts of time[edit]

Fix Kill WmiPrvSE.exe

  1. Open the game
  2. Once the loading screen comes up, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open the Task Manager.
  3. Click processes and make sure "show all processes" is selected at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Find WmiPrvSE.exe, right click it, end procress.
  5. The loading screen should end shortly afterwards.

Crash when installed in a Windows 8 Storage Space[edit]

The Game will refuse to run when installed on a drive which is managed by a Windows 8/8.1 Storage Space.

Fix Installing the game on a drive that is not a Storage Space will fix this issue.

Resolution issues before launching[edit]

Fix Create GamerProfile.xml

  1. Go to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Far Cry 3\
       2. Create a GamerProfile.xml and insert this into it:
        <Accounts />
        Hour = "16"
        Minutes = "40"
        Seconds = "0"
        TimeScale = "1"
        WindForce = "80"
        WindDir = "0"
        DelayShadowMovement = "180"
        IgnorePlayer = "0"
        GatherEntitiesForMap = "0"
        ShowAIInMap = "0"
        ShowDiamondsInMap = "0"
        DifficultyLevel = "1"
        Machete = "0"
        UseAimingHelpers = "0"
        HelpCrosshair = "1"
        <InputConfig />
        <ZoneConfig />

Other information[edit]


Technical specs Supported Notes
Direct3D 9, 11
Shader Model support 3, 5
64-bit executable No native support


Middleware Notes
Physics Havok
Audio Dolby Digital, Speex
Interface Flash
Cutscenes Bink Video
Multiplayer PunkBuster

System requirements[edit]

Minimum Recommended
Operating system (OS)
XP SP3/Vista SP2/7 SP1/8
Processor (CPU) Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 2.6 GHz
AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3.0 GHz
Intel Core i3-530 2.9 GHz
AMD Phenom II X2 565 3.1 GHz
System memory (RAM) 2 GB (XP)
4 GB (Vista/7/8)
2 GB (XP)
4 GB (Vista/7/8)
Hard disk drive (HDD)
15 GB
Video card (GPU) Nvidia GeForce GTX 8800
AMD Radeon HD 2900
512 MB of VRAM
DirectX 9.0c compatible
Shader model 3 support
Nvidia GeForce GTX 480
AMD Radeon HD 5770
1 GB of VRAM
DirectX 11 compatible
Shader model 5 support


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