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sh2fix does not work at all for me117:00, 27 November 2016
Can the creators of sh2proxy and the Widescreen Fix make a single superior version?321:09, 18 November 2016
Vanilla cutscenes doesn't appear to be letterboxed on purpose.315:27, 31 May 2016
Silent Hill 2 at 60 FPS001:29, 9 May 2016
Stub/Cleanup templates115:21, 29 November 2015
Has anyone tried anisotropic filtering with this game?122:55, 23 September 2015
Awkward controls414:01, 16 May 2015

sh2fix does not work at all for me

I tried to use sh2fix but the game hangs and does not start at all or the compatible *exe gets delete before the game can even be launched at all. I don't know if this is because of my anti-virus suspects something with the files of sh2fix but VirusTotal shows there is either a false positive or some malicious code in the files. Whatever the case may be it fails to run the game unlike ThirteenAG's Widescreen Fix.

AmethystViper (talk)20:52, 18 November 2016

Yes, of course it's not going to work if your AV interferes

But tbh, it wouldn't be bad if you could reach that guy and tell him it sucks when manpower is wasted by overlapping efforts.

Mirh (talk)17:00, 27 November 2016

Can the creators of sh2proxy and the Widescreen Fix make a single superior version?

Currently, the Widescreen Fix is essentially superior, but it doesn't allow for windowed mode or borderless windowed mode, nor does it have an option for fullscreen FMVs. It's stupid having two separate wrappers with their own pros and cons.

Widescreen Fix


Devina (talk)01:12, 11 May 2016

Widescreen Fix does have windowed mode, and you can use a program like Borderless Gaming to make it borderless fullscreen. The windowed mode option is in d3d8.ini as ForceWindowedMode=.

AmethystViper (talk)20:46, 12 May 2016

Indeed, just hours after your comment, "activity" basically moved to WS fix.

Mirh (talk)14:55, 1 July 2016

It looks like Widescreen Fix now has support for the Widescreen FMV Pack. The page for shows the SH2 Widescreen Fix was updated some time ago and there's new options in the SilentHill2.Widescreen.ini for the Widescreen FMV Pack.

AmethystViper (talk)21:09, 18 November 2016

Vanilla cutscenes doesn't appear to be letterboxed on purpose.

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Last edit: 23:52, 30 May 2016

I looked at the original FMV files in Director's Cut and it looks like most of the video files are in a different resolution than the PC porting staff credits FMV. I took a look at the opening scene with James in the bathroom on VLC media player, and the codec information shows video file, as well as most of the other FMV files, are displayed in 640x384 at some odd aspect-ratio, and because the game was designed for 4:3 displays, the game tries to correct the empty space by letterboxing the videos. The porting staff credits FMV however is at 640x480 and doesn't have the letterboxing issue.

AmethystViper (talk)02:11, 12 May 2016

This, as always, may help.

And I'm still waiting for being able to upload files bigger than 2GB here.

Mirh (talk)19:07, 30 May 2016

Is that the widescreen pack or an updated 4:3 version of the FMVs? The issue I was referring was how the Widescreen Fix by ThirteenAG keeps the FMVs to 4:3 but the resolutions of most of the game's FMVs are letterboxed because of the 640x384 resolution instead of 640x480.

AmethystViper (talk)23:56, 30 May 2016

Oh, sorry.

In this case, why don't you just ask him? Either github or gtaforums.

Mirh (talk)15:27, 31 May 2016

Silent Hill 2 at 60 FPS

Does the new fix work or is just like the old one that prevent the player from doing some in-game actions if playing at 60 frames per second? I'm obviously talking about the new fix by Thirteenag.

Jigen123 (talk)01:27, 9 May 2016

Stub/Cleanup templates

Can we please do something about this?

If I remember, they're ONLY on here because the remastered FMVs need to be hosted on this site.

Any progress on this?

Devina (talk)21:47, 19 November 2015

Basic uploader returns: Error No file was selected for upload
Advanced uploader returns: No file was selected for upload

No dice yet.

Mirh (talk)15:21, 29 November 2015

Has anyone tried anisotropic filtering with this game?

Recently I've been dabbing my hands on the European PC version of Silent Hill 2: Director's with sh2proxy so I can run this game on Windows 8.1. The page claims that the game doesn't support anisotropic filter but I've messed around with the video card settings for this game by forcing x16 anitropic filtering with x8 anti-aliasing and it looks much better than just the anti-aliasing alone. I'm not sure if sh2proxy has anything to do with that since it is meant to fix the anti-aliasing support for the game and I don't know if it'll work for the Modern Compatibility Fix for the U.S. version.

AmethystViper (talk)05:47, 18 September 2015

If it works for you, then I guess you may just put "hackable" in that field and mention the graphics card control panel

Mirh (talk)22:55, 23 September 2015

Awkward controls

If controls can be remapped (at least it seems by reading input table), what's the problem?

And why crap xpadder is suggested instead?

Mirh (talk)13:14, 16 May 2015

This page is a mess, there isn't much point in talking about the fixes themselves until the page is given a cleanup.

RaTcHeT302 (talk)13:27, 16 May 2015

I mean, whoever will end up cleaning the page will have to test everything again, but from what I've seen maybe someone made some confusion with the True/False values. As most Hackable entries were before marked as True so it's probably just a minor mistake.

RaTcHeT302 (talk)13:42, 16 May 2015

Sure, still I don't know why you removed some points.

And besides, soeb still hasn't managed to do anything.

Mirh (talk)13:59, 16 May 2015

I just added the reason in my edit history thing.

RaTcHeT302 (talk)14:01, 16 May 2015