List of Vietnamese fan translations

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Total number of games: 6

Official support
Fan translation available
No official support
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Game Developer Publisher First release Localization UI Audio Sub Notes
Mountain of Faith Team Shanghai Alice 17 August 2007 fan
Fan translation
Oxygen Not Included Klei Entertainment 29 May 2019 fan
Fan translation. Steam Workshop page.
Subterranean Animism Team Shanghai Alice 16 August 2008 fan
Fan translation
Tale of Wuxia Heluo Studio Fenghuang Game 28 April 2016 fan
Fan translation by GTA Kiếm Hiệp.
Tale of Wuxia: The Pre-Sequel Heluo Studio Fenghuang Game 14 August 2017 fan
A translation does exist, according to this video, but it is unknown where to get it.
河洛群俠傳 (Ho Tu Lo Shu : The Books of Dragon) Heluo Studio 香港商河洛互動娛樂股份有限公司方块游戏 fan
Fan translation by the Hội Game Á Châu group