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Localizations table

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Syntax (base)

--rows go here--

Syntax (row)

 |language  = Language name
 |interface = true/false/unknown
 |audio     = 
 |subtitles = 
 |notes     = 
 |fan       = 



Language UI Audio Sub Notes

The other half of Audio settings section, the Localizations table displays all the languages a game supports and the extent to which it has been localized. Due to the numerous languages available, the table has been designed to be dynamic. Only the relevant languages are shown.

Some things to note:

  • The table is categorized in alphabetical order (A-Z).
    • The only exception to this is the English row. Unless the game has no English translation, the row always stays at the top of the table.
  • Localization information is rarely kept track of and will make filling in the tables difficult.
    • Currently, the most reliable source of information on this topic is Steam and even then the tables they provide are sometimes not completely accurate.
    • Ultimately, the best sources will be owning the game and playing it, the game credits (localization teams and cast will be mentioned somewhere), and any official announcements on language support.
  • The languages the table support all have at least one game that is localized in that language. If a game is localized in a language that is not supported by the table, contact a mod or admin and it will be added in.

Field breakdown

Field Definition Notes
Language The name of the language.
Interface The game interface is localized to this language. If a game supports a language, at the absolute minimum this field must be set to "true".
Audio The spoken audio for the game is localized to this language. In some cases, English may be the only language it has been localized into. If a game has no speech, gibberish for speech (single word remarks fall into this category), or all text-based speech, set the field to "n/a".
Subtitles The subtitles and/or Closed captions for the game are localized to this language More common to find than spoken audio localizations. If a game has no speech, gibberish for speech (single word remarks fall into this category), or all text-based speech, set the field to "n/a".
Notes Extra information relating to the particular language (available only in region-specific versions, unique quirks and issues, etc.) For fan translations include a link to the download, installation instructions, etc.
Fan An unofficial/fan translation of this particular language is available. Leave the field blank unless a fan translation is available. To be used in conjunction with the "Notes" field. Only valid value is "yes".