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Psychonauts - cover.jpg
Release dates
April 26, 2005
September 29, 2011
May 31, 2012
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Key points

Information Using a controller is recommended.
Advantage Supports widescreen and 60 FPS.
Disadvantage May contain crash issues. To alleviate, run .exe as administrator, and try using Windows 95 compatibility mode.
Disadvantage Lacks controller HUD buttons - fix below.

General information

More information Official website
More information Double Fine Action Forums - Psychonauts
More information Community Discussions
More information Support Page
More information Steam Community Discussions
More information Steam Users' Forums
More information Unofficial wiki


Source DRM Notes Keys
Developer website DRM-free DRM-free
Humble Store DRM-free Availability Table Icons - Steam.svg
Mac App Store Availability Table Icons - Mac App Store.svg
Steam Availability Table Icons - Steam.svg
Retail Disc check DRM: SecuROM disc check.[1]
Information A demo version is available.

Essential improvements[edit]


Patch 1.04 (retail)[edit]

Patch 1.04. Steam and DRM-free releases are already patched.

Unofficial patch 1.05 (retail)[edit]

The September 2011 patch released on Steam, made available separately by user Voodooman.[2] DRM-free releases are also already patched.

Fix Instructions

  1. Ensure the game is patched to version 1.04.
  2. Download the unofficial patch 1.05.
  3. Extract the archive to the installation folder.
  4. Run Psychonauts_patch_v1.05_retail_gog_full.exe and install it.

Xbox 360 controller GUI patch[edit]

Adds Xbox 360 controller button images, menus and tooltips to the game (Windows only).

Fix Use PsychoPad Lite

  1. Ensure the game is patched to version 1.05.
  2. Download PsychoPad Lite 1.1.
  3. Extract the archive to the installation folder.
  4. Run PsychoPadLite_v1.1_install.exe and install it.
  5. Launch the game and go to Options, Controls, Bindings, and change the bindings so all of the controller buttons are in the first column.

Fix Use modified IconPrefsPC.ini

An alternative (but flawed) method is to use a modified IconPrefsPC.ini file as explained here.

Enable rumble functionality[edit]

Fix Edit the profile's ini file

  1. Launch the game and create a profile if not done already.
  2. Go to <path-to-game>\Profiles
  3. Go into the appropriate Profile # folder.
  4. Open the .ini file with a text editor.
  5. Change EnableRumble=false to EnableRumble=true
  6. Save the changes.

Skip intro videos[edit]

Fix Delete/rename video files

  1. Go to <path-to-game>\WorkResource\cutscenes\prerendered
  2. Delete or rename DFLogo.bik and (if necessary) MajescoLogo.bik

Game data[edit]

Configuration files location[edit]

Windows <path-to-game>\
OS X ~/Library/Application Support/Psychonauts/
Linux ~/.local/share/Psychonauts/
Information AudioSettings.ini stores audio settings.
Information DisplaySettings.ini stores video settings.
Advantage This game supports the XDG Base Directory Specification on Linux.

Save game data location[edit]

Windows <path-to-game>\Profiles\
OS X ~/Library/Application Support/Psychonauts/Profiles/
Linux ~/.local/share/Psychonauts/Profiles/

Save game cloud syncing[edit]

System Native Notes
Steam Cloud Native
GameSave Manager Native

Video settings[edit]

In-game video settings.
Graphics option Option WSGF Notes
Widescreen resolution Native WSGF WS Silver.svg HUD, menus and FMVs are stretched from 4:3.
To enable widescreen via .ini file see Widescreen resolution.
Multi-monitor Native WSGF MM Silver.svg
Field of view (FOV) Impossible
Windowed Native
Borderless fullscreen windowed Hackable Use Borderless Gaming.
Anisotropic filtering (AF) Hackable Force in the graphics card control panel.
Anti-aliasing (AA) Native FSAA. Causes shimmering and seams on some objects.
Vertical sync (Vsync) Native
High frame rate Hackable Refresh rate is capped at 100 Hz in fullscreen mode by default.
Set Preferred refresh rate to Highest available in the NVIDIA Control Panel, or use windowed mode.

Widescreen resolution[edit]

Fix Edit/Create DisplaySettings.ini[3]

  1. Go to the installation folder.
  2. Open DisplaySettings.ini with a text editor (or create if it does not already exist).
  3. Add or modify the following text to the desired resolution:

Input settings[edit]

In-game key map settings.
In-game general control settings.
In-game camera settings.
Keyboard and mouse Native Notes
Remapping Native
Mouse acceleration Impossible Cannot be disabled.
Mouse input in menus Native
Mouse Y-axis inversion Native
Controller support Native Native Xbox 360 controller support for all platforms; triggers support requires patch 1.05. Mouse camera control is disabled if a gamepad is plugged in (Windows only).
Full controller support Impossible Does not work in options menu.
Controller remapping Native
Controller Y-axis inversion Native

Audio settings[edit]

In-game audio settings.
Audio options Native Notes
Separate volume controls Native
Surround sound Native
Subtitles Native
Closed captions Impossible
Mute on focus lost Native Game pauses on focus lost.
EAX support Hackable Change UseEAX to true in AudioSettings.ini


Language UI Audio CC Notes
English Native Native Native
French Native Unknown Unknown
German Native Unknown Unknown

Issues unresolved[edit]

Smart camera option does not work[edit]

The smart (automatic) camera stays on, even if you disable it in the game options or through the game's configuration files.[4]

Thermometer bar in wrong location[edit]

When using widescreen resolutions, occasionally the 'thermometer' bar for pyrokinesis will be displayed at the outer-edge of the screen rather than near the targeted object/creature. There are no known fixes to this bug.

Linux version differences[edit]

Mouse movement in this game feels entirely different from Windows (no zigzags, smoother; Likely no mouse acceleration).

Issues fixed[edit]

Save game profiles not removed from DRM-free releases[edit]

The and Humble Store releases of the game incorrectly include saved profiles used by a developer from Double Fine.[5] The profiles also reconfigure the gamepad control scheme even if you don't use them, so to restore the default control scheme it is necessary to delete them.

Fix Delete profiles

  1. Go to <path-to-game>\Profiles
  2. Delete all three profile # subfolders.

Corrupted save game profile[edit]

If presented with the following error message, you may have a corrupted/damaged game profile:

Error (null), line -1
Crash: 0xc0000005
If you have VS.NET installed, you can try to attach the debugger
Otherwise, click OK 

To fix the error message and allow the game to load:

Fix Delete save game profile

  1. Delete or move the profile in question (most probably the one used most recently) under <path-to-game>\Profiles\Profile #
  2. Start the game and create a new profile.
  3. Play!

To possibly recover the save game:

Fix Copy save game files to a new profile

  1. In step 2 above, ensure that you have created a profile that has exactly the same name as the one from which you want to recover saves. I do not know if this is necessary, but it follows my method.
  2. Copy/Paste all savegames from the lost profile to this new profile. HOPE that the game can read some of the data. If you still don't see savegames, or the test profile shows as damaged, systematically start with SavedGame0 and work through isolating each one to see if you can get data from any one of them while in the game. (IE: use only SavedGame0 from the old profile in the new profile, then ONLY SavedGame1, then ONLY SavedGame2, etc., then combinations, to recover as much data as possible).
  3. Play. I got my autosave back and my first save (I had several saves after it, but it seems they are gone). I hope you have at least that much success!
  4. Reconfigure yourself (or copy the .ini, but this is not tested).

Graphics error preventing startup[edit]

Error: "The game was unable to find a 32bpp display mode supported by your system in which to run. Your video card and monitor must minimally support 640x480x32bpp."

Fix Create DisplaySettings.ini

  1. Create a file named DisplaySettings.ini in the installation folder.
  2. Insert the following into said file:


Information ScreenWidth and ScreenHeight are the desired resolution.

Crashes on cutscene[edit]

Fix Use compatibility mode

Run the game in compatibility mode for Windows 95.

Windows 8.1 black screen on startup[edit]

Fix Use compatibility mode

Run the game in compatibility mode for Windows 7.

System requirements[edit]

Minimum Recommended
Operating system (OS) 98 SE 2000, XP
Processor (CPU) 1.0 GHz Pentium III or AMD Athlon 2.0 GHz Pentium III or AMD Athlon
System memory (RAM) 256 MB 512 MB
Hard disk drive (HDD)
4 GB
Video card (GPU) GeForce 3
Radeon 8500
64 MB of VRAM
GeForce 5600
Radeon 9600
128 MB of VRAM
Minimum Recommended
Operating system (OS)
Processor (CPU) Intel Core Duo Intel Core i Series
System memory (RAM) 2 GB 4 GB
Hard disk drive (HDD)
4 GB
Video card (GPU) ATI X1600
Intel HD3000
128 MB of VRAM
ATI HD 3870
Nvidia 8800GT
512 MB of VRAM
Operating system (OS)
Processor (CPU) 2.0 GHz
System memory (RAM) 2 GB
Hard disk drive (HDD) 4 GB
Video card (GPU) 128 MB of VRAM


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