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Neverwinter Nights
Release dates
June 18, 2002
August 5, 2003
June 20, 2003
 Neverwinter Nights at Wikipedia
Neverwinter Nights
Neverwinter Nights 2002
Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide
Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark
Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker (module)
Neverwinter Nights: Pirates of the Sword Coast
Neverwinter Nights: Infinite Dungeons
Neverwinter Nights: Darkness over Daggerford
Neverwinter Nights: Wyvern Crown of Cormyr
Neverwinter Nights 2 2006
Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer
Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir
Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate

General information

More information Community Discussions for game series
More information Support Page


[edit] Availability

Source(s) Store unlock Notes DRM-free Includes the Shadows of Undrentide, Hordes of the Underdark and Kingmaker expansions.
GamersGate Gamersgate.png Includes the Shadows of Undrentide, Hordes of the Underdark and Kingmaker expansions. Unknown DRM.

[edit] Essential improvements

[edit] Patches

[edit] 1.69 Critical Rebuild

Information The GOG version of Neverwinter Nights claims to be patched to 1.69, the final official patch, but the Critical Rebuild files are not included. The patch is available here. Be sure to download NWNEnglish1.69HotUUpdate.exe

[edit] Community Enhancement Patch

Information The Community Enhancement Patch adds a wide variety of new items, clothing, and features, such as rideable creatures. As of 6/1/2012, the latest version is 2.4 and is available here.

[edit] Game data

[edit] Configuration file(s) location


[edit] Save game data location


[edit] Save game cloud syncing

System Native Notes
GameSave Manager Native

[edit] Video settings

Graphics option Option WSGF Notes
Widescreen resolution Native WSGF WS Silver.png
Multi-monitor Native WSGF MM Silver.png
Field of view (FOV) Unknown
Windowed Hackable See Windowed.
Borderless fullscreen windowed Hackable Autohotkey method reported working.[1]
Anisotropic filtering (AF) Unknown
Anti-aliasing (AA) Native
Vertical sync (Vsync) Native
High frame rate Unknown

[edit] Windowed

Fix WindowedWindowedLink

Information Running the game in Windowed Mode may make the game work significantly better.
  1. Open nwn.ini in your main nwn folder, Locate FullScreen=1.
  2. Change the value to 0 so it reads FullScreen=0.
  3. After that find the line AllowWindowedMode=0. Change to AllowWindowedMode=1. If this line doesn't exist, add it.
  4. To avoid clipping the edges now that you are running in windowed mode, you can change the game resolution by opening nwconfig.exe and clicking Change. You can check if you are clipping the edges by looking for the small actionbar on the bottom of the game window.


Information You can go back and forth between windowed and fullscreen in-game by hitting ALT+ Enter. Note that this causes weird things to happen if you do it while you are in the game engine and not just the menus.

[edit] Input settings

Keyboard and mouse Native Notes
Remapping Native
Mouse acceleration Impossible
Mouse input in menus Native
Mouse Y-axis inversion Impossible
Controller support Impossible

[edit] Audio settings

Audio options Native Notes
Separate volume controls Native Sound effects, voice and music
Surround sound Native
Subtitles Native
Closed captions Native
Mute on focus lost Unknown
EAX support Native A3D 1.0, A3D 2.0. EAX 1, EAX 2 [2], EAX 3[3]


Language UI Audio CC Notes
English Native Native Native
French Native Unknown Native
German Native Unknown Native
Italian Native Unknown Native
Polish Native Unknown Native
Spanish Native Unknown Native

[edit] Issues fixed

[edit] Crash on Start

Information Try the following if the game won't start for some reason, or crashes shortly afterwards.

Fix Crash on Start[4]Link

  1. Go to the installation folder.
  2. Make a shortcut to nwmain.exe somewhere convenient.
  3. Add the following to the end of the Target: +TestNewModule "123456"
  4. Click OK and use this shortcut to run the game.

[edit] Multiplayer on the version

When you initially download Neverwinter Nights Diamond from, it does not initially support multiplayer as it does not come with a valid multiplayer CD key. You can request a valid serial key from GOG support here. Select "multiplayer key request" from the "I have a problem with:" dropdown menu and submit your support ticked. The support staff should reply with a valid CD key within a few days.

This will remove the "Premium modules" which come as part of the Diamond Edition. To reinstall these you must download the "premium modules re-installer" from the bonus content downloads section of the My Games page.

[edit] General Fixes for Poor Performance on Modern Systems

Neverwinter Nights does not run well on modern hardware and systems, and you may experience crashes or stuttering without properly preparing your game. Here are a list of fixes you may want to try. These were all tested on Windows 7 64-bit but may work for other systems.

[edit] Errors or crashes when starting game

Fix Errors or crashes when starting gameLink

  1. Make sure that NWN is not in the C:\Program Files (x86) folder as there may be a problem with permissions. Instead try installing it to its own folder, like C:\Games\NWN.
  2. You may have to set the compatibility setting of nwmain.exe to Windows XP SP2 or SP3.

[edit] Videos don't play, or you can only hear sound

Fix Videos don't play[5][6]Link

  1. Open nwn.ini in your main nwn folder. Locate SafeMovie=0 change to SafeMovie=1.
  2. If that doesn't work, you might try this (for ATI cards only). Download this dll. Open your nwn folder. Rename the file binkw32.dll that is in your nwn folder to binkw32_ati.dll (don't just append .BAK or something because the new dll makes a call for this dll). Place the newly downloaded binkw32.dll from mediafire in the folder. If you've changed SafeMovie, open nwn.ini and make sure SafeMovie is set to 0. This might not work.

[edit] Dual-core or multi-core processors

Fix Dual-core or multi-core processors[7]Link

  1. NWN was not meant to run with more than one core. If you have a multi-core system, you can set the game to run on only one core.
  2. Open Task Manager with NWN open, rightclick nwmain.exe, Set Affinity on one core. If it gives you an error, click the button "Show Processes from All Users" at the bottom. You can experiment to see which core gives you the best performance.
  3. To avoid having to do this every time you play the game, open nwnplayer.ini in the main NWN folder. Locate Client CPU Affinity and change the value to 1 (or whatever other core you determined gave you the best performance in the first step).
  4. If you have a problem with a stuttering audio when playing video cut-scenes, it can be cured with setting your "CPU affinity" to "All cores". To do so, you'll have to set the nwnplayer.ini setting for Client CPU Affinity to -2

[edit] For nVidia cards

Fix nVidia cardsLink

  1. For some reason there may be an issue rendering cloaks and bowstrings that causes low framerates. To disable cloak graphics, open nwnplayer.ini in your main NWN folder and locate Visible Cloaks. Change the value from 1 to 0. To disable bowstrings, google for a patch.

[edit] For AMD/ATI cards

Fix AMD/ATI cardsLink

  1. You may find increased performance by disabling/turning down the Catalyst AI in your Catalyst Control Panel's 3D settings. In the newer VISION Engine Control Center, this can be accomplished in the advanced view by creating a new profile for nwmain.exe under Gaming - 3D Application Settings, then, under Texture Filtering, setting "Texture Filtering Quality" to "Performance" and "Surface Format Optimization" to "Off." For some reason this may make your character disappear. To make your character reappear, go into the ingame video options and disable Environment Mapping on Creatures.

[edit] Other general performance issues

Fix Other general performance issuesOther general performance issuesLink

  • Right click nwmain.exe and go to Compatibility. You should be running the game in an XP compatibility mode and with Disable Desktop Composition checked. Disable Visual Themes might be helpful as well.
  • Disable "Shiny Water" from the video settings in game, should definitely increase performance.
  1. NWN may have issues with sound. Disabling sound outright may significantly reduce stuttering. You can disable sound completely in nwconfig.exe. If you don't want to go that far, experiment with the sound providers in the ingame options.
  2. For most modern computers, the options in the video settings have negligible effect on performance. A high level of Dynamic Lighting, though, may lag your system when many dynamic lights are created (many magic spells create dynamic lights).
  3. Increasing the process's priority positively effects framerates. You can do this by opening Task Manager, right clicking nwmain.exe, and setting Priority to at least Above Normal.

[edit] System requirements

Minimum Recommended
Operating system (OS)
98, ME, 2000 SP2, XP
Processor (CPU) Pentium II 450 MHz or AMD K6 450 MHz Pentium II 800 MHz or AMD K6 800 MHz
System memory (RAM) 96 MB (Windows 98 / ME), 128 MB (Windows 2000, XP) 128 MB (Windows 98 / ME), 256 MB (Windows 2000, XP)
Hard disk drive (HDD) 1.2 GB 2.0 GB
Video card (GPU) TNT2-class video card
16 MB of VRAM
OpenGL 1.2 compatible
NVIDIA GeForce 2
ATI Radeon


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