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I Am Alive
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Release dates
September 6, 2012
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Key points

Disadvantage User settings are saved in profile.sav which is encrypted.[1]
Disadvantage The game is not well optimized and has performance issues.

General information

More information Official Forum - not PC-specific.
More information Steam Community Discussions


Source(s) Store unlock Notes
GamersGate Gamersgate.png DRM: Other DRM.
Steam Steamicon.png
Uplay Uplay.png

Essential improvements[edit]

Skip intro videos[edit]

Fix Delete/rename video filesLink

  1. Go to the installation folder.
  2. Go into data\Videos
  3. Delete or rename Logo_ESRB.bik, Logo-Ubisoft.bik and Unreal_TechLogo.bik

Game data[edit]

Configuration file(s) location[edit]


Save game data location[edit]

Windows %USERPROFILE%\Documents\IAmAlive\Save
Information Some settings are stored in UserSettings.ini

Video settings[edit]

Graphics option Option Notes
Widescreen resolution Native Anamorphic 16:9; see Widescreen resolution.
Multi-monitor Unknown
Field of view (FOV) Impossible desired_fov is listed in UserSettings.ini but does nothing.
Windowed Native Can also be changed by changing StartupFullscreen value to False.[2]
Borderless fullscreen windowed Unknown
Anisotropic filtering (AF) Native Options: off, 4x, 16x.
Anti-aliasing (AA) Native Options: off, 2x MSAA, 4x MSAA, 8x MSAA.
Vertical sync (Vsync) Native Disabled by default.
High frame rate Unknown

Widescreen resolution[edit]

Information Resolution may need to be set manually if it can't be set in-game.

Fix Set FullscreenViewportX/YLink

  1. Go to src\SYSTEM in the installation folder.
  2. Open UserSettings.ini
  3. Go to [UserVideoOptions.IAAPlayer]
  4. Change FullscreenViewportX and FullscreenViewportY to your resolution.
  5. Set MonitorAspect<?code> to <code>1.777777
  6. Save your changes.

Input settings[edit]

Keyboard and mouse Native Notes
Remapping Native
Mouse acceleration Impossible Off by default, can't be turned on.
Mouse input in menus Unknown
Mouse Y-axis inversion Unknown
Controller support Native XInput controllers only; highly preferred over keyboard and mouse.[3]
Full controller support Unknown
Controller remapping Unknown
Controller Y-axis inversion Unknown

Audio settings[edit]

Audio options Native Notes
Separate volume controls Native Master, Music, SFX, Voice
Surround sound Native Auto configures up to 5.0 output[4]
Subtitles Native
Closed captions Unknown
Mute on focus lost Unknown

Issues unresolved[edit]

Mouse Movement Stutters[edit]

Disadvantage When the game is loading additional world data in the background it stops responding to mouse movement. Currently there isn't a fix available.

Issues fixed[edit]

Menu Lag And Low Performance[edit]

Disadvantage Frequent freezing every few seconds.

Fix Disable HID DevicesLink

Disadvantage Fix may disable some 'human interface devices'.
Disable all HID Compliant devices in the Device Manager (every device starting with HID Compliant under Human Interface section).[5][6]

Checking Systems And iamalive_game.exe Not Working[edit]

Information Appears to be caused by a startup validation process which can be disabled.[7]
Information Can also be caused by running on an unsupported operating system.[8]

Fix SystemValidationLink

Open UserSettings.ini and change the RunValidation value to false. [9]


System requirements[edit]

Operating system (OS) XP SP3, Vista SP1 and 7
Processor (CPU) AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ / Intel Pentium 4 630
System memory (RAM) 1 GB (XP), 2 GB (Vista or 7)
Hard disk drive (HDD) 2 GB
Video card (GPU) Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT / ATI Radeon HD 2600XT


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