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Language UI Audio Sub Notes
Documentation for the above template (sometimes hidden from view).

This is the localization template. The following languages are currently supported:

Languages Supported
Language Interface Subtitles Audio Status
English Property:English interface Property:English subtitles Property:English audio Property:English status
Albanian Property:Albanian interface Property:Albanian subtitles Property:Albanian audio Property:Albanian status
Arabic Property:Arabic interface Property:Arabic subtitles Property:Arabic audio Property:Arabic status
Basque Property:Basque interface Property:Basque subtitles Property:Basque audio Property:Basque status
Belarusian Property:Belarusian interface Property:Belarusian subtitles Property:Belarusian audio Property:Belarusian status
Breton Property:Breton interface Property:Breton subtitles Property:Breton audio Property:Breton status
Bulgarian Property:Bulgarian interface Property:Bulgarian subtitles Property:Bulgarian audio Property:Bulgarian status
Simplified Chinese Property:Simplified Chinese interface Property:Simplified Chinese subtitles Property:Simplified Chinese audio Property:Simplified Chinese status
Traditional Chinese Property:Traditional Chinese interface Property:Traditional Chinese subtitles Property:Traditional Chinese audio Property:Traditional Chinese status
Catalan Property:Catalan interface Property:Catalan subtitles Property:Catalan audio Property:Catalan status
Cornish Property:Cornish interface Property:Cornish subtitles Property:Cornish audio Property:Cornish status
Croatian Property:Croatian interface Property:Croatian subtitles Property:Croatian audio Property:Croatian status
Czech Property:Czech interface Property:Czech subtitles Property:Czech audio Property:Czech status
Danish Property:Danish interface Property:Danish subtitles Property:Danish audio Property:Danish status
Dutch Property:Dutch interface Property:Dutch subtitles Property:Dutch audio Property:Dutch status
Estonian Property:Estonian interface Property:Estonian subtitles Property:Estonian audio Property:Estonian status
Filipino Property:Filipino interface Property:Filipino subtitles Property:Filipino audio Property:Filipino status
Finnish Property:Finnish interface Property:Finnish subtitles Property:Finnish audio Property:Finnish status
French Property:French interface Property:French subtitles Property:French audio Property:French status
Galician Property:Galician interface Property:Galician subtitles Property:Galician audio Property:Galician status
Georgian Property:Georgian interface Property:Georgian subtitles Property:Georgian audio Property:Georgian status
German Property:German interface Property:German subtitles Property:German audio Property:German status
Greek Property:Greek interface Property:Greek subtitles Property:Greek audio Property:Greek status
Hebrew Property:Hebrew interface Property:Hebrew subtitles Property:Hebrew audio Property:Hebrew status
Hindi Property:Hindi interface Property:Hindi subtitles Property:Hindi audio Property:Hindi status
Hungarian Property:Hungarian interface Property:Hungarian subtitles Property:Hungarian audio Property:Hungarian status
Icelandic Property:Icelandic interface Property:Icelandic subtitles Property:Icelandic audio Property:Icelandic status
Indonesian Property:Indonesian interface Property:Indonesian subtitles Property:Indonesian audio Property:Indonesian status
Inuktitut Property:Inuktitut interface Property:Inuktitut subtitles Property:Inuktitut audio Property:Inuktitut status
Italian Property:Italian interface Property:Italian subtitles Property:Italian audio Property:Italian status
Japanese Property:Japanese interface Property:Japanese subtitles Property:Japanese audio Property:Japanese status
Korean Property:Korean interface Property:Korean subtitles Property:Korean audio Property:Korean status
Latin Property:Latin interface Property:Latin subtitles Property:Latin audio Property:Latin status
Latvian Property:Latvian interface Property:Latvian subtitles Property:Latvian audio Property:Latvian status
Lithuanian Property:Lithuanian interface Property:Lithuanian subtitles Property:Lithuanian audio Property:Lithuanian status
Luxembourgish Property:Luxembourgish interface Property:Luxembourgish subtitles Property:Luxembourgish audio Property:Luxembourgish status
Macedonian Property:Macedonian interface Property:Macedonian subtitles Property:Macedonian audio Property:Macedonian status
Malay Property:Malay interface Property:Malay subtitles Property:Malay audio Property:Malay status
Māori Property:Māori interface Property:Māori subtitles Property:Māori audio Property:Māori status
Norwegian Property:Norwegian interface Property:Norwegian subtitles Property:Norwegian audio Property:Norwegian status
Persian Property:Persian interface Property:Persian subtitles Property:Persian audio Property:Persian status
Polish Property:Polish interface Property:Polish subtitles Property:Polish audio Property:Polish status
Portuguese Property:Portuguese interface Property:Portuguese subtitles Property:Portuguese audio Property:Portuguese status
Brazilian Portuguese Property:Brazilian Portuguese interface Property:Brazilian Portuguese subtitles Property:Brazilian Portuguese audio Property:Brazilian Portuguese status
Ripuarian Property:Ripuarian interface Property:Ripuarian subtitles Property:Ripuarian audio Property:Ripuarian status
Romanian Property:Romanian interface Property:Romanian subtitles Property:Romanian audio Property:Romanian status
Russian Property:Russian interface Property:Russian subtitles Property:Russian audio Property:Russian status
Scottish Gaelic Property:Scottish Gaelic interface Property:Scottish Gaelic subtitles Property:Scottish Gaelic audio Property:Scottish Gaelic status
Serbian Property:Serbian interface Property:Serbian subtitles Property:Serbian audio Property:Serbian status
Slovak Property:Slovak interface Property:Slovak subtitles Property:Slovak audio Property:Slovak status
Slovenian (Slovene) Property:Slovenian interface Property:Slovenian subtitles Property:Slovenian audio Property:Slovenian status
Spanish Property:Spanish interface Property:Spanish subtitles Property:Spanish audio Property:Spanish status
Latin American Spanish Property:Latin American Spanish interface Property:Latin American Spanish subtitles Property:Latin American Spanish audio Property:Latin American Spanish status
Swedish Property:Swedish interface Property:Swedish subtitles Property:Swedish audio Property:Swedish status
Tagalog Property:Tagalog interface Property:Tagalog subtitles Property:Tagalog audio Property:Tagalog status
Tatar Property:Tatar interface Property:Tatar subtitles Property:Tatar audio Property:Tatar status
Thai Property:Thai interface Property:Thai subtitles Property:Thai audio Property:Thai status
Turkish Property:Turkish interface Property:Turkish subtitles Property:Turkish audio Property:Turkish status
Ukrainian Property:Ukrainian interface Property:Ukrainian subtitles Property:Ukrainian audio Property:Ukrainian status
Valencian Property:Valencian interface Property:Valencian subtitles Property:Valencian audio Property:Valencian status
Vietnamese Property:Vietnamese interface Property:Vietnamese subtitles Property:Vietnamese audio Property:Vietnamese status
Welsh Property:Welsh interface Property:Welsh subtitles Property:Welsh audio Property:Welsh status
Other properties
Property:Supported language
The following arguments, excluding the notes arguments, can be listed as "true", "false", or "N/A". "Hackable" should not be used with this template, see the fan argument for fan translations.
  • language - Name of the language a game supports, see above list for all languages currently supported with this template;
  • interface - Whether the game's interface, e.g. menus, pause screen, health bar, is translated into the relevant language;
  • audio - Whether the game's audio, e.g. voice acting, is translated into the relevant language;
  • subtitles - Whether the game's subtitles and/or closed captioning is translated into the relevant language;
  • notes - Any content which is to appear in the Notes column should be written here;
  • fan - Whether the game has a fan-made, unofficial translation for the relevant language. Should always either be defined as "yes" or kept blank, adds a comment in the Notes column which tells the reader the translation is unofficial;
 |language  = Language
 |interface = yes/no
 |audio     = 
 |subtitles = 
 |notes     = 
 |fan       = 
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