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I'm Actively looking for a new project -- I'm willing to donate time to make a project awesome like PCGamingWiki -- Just contact me with the details below

Stuff I Do

Forrest Fuqua
  • Also goes by the name Forrest Fuqua (Real Name)
  • Fix Mediawiki when it breaks
  • Feed the server minions
  • Babysit Cherokee and NGINX
  • Make sure PHP doesn't get hacked
  • Make sure someone doesn't do rm -rf /*
  • Make sure the Backups are being stored
  • Make sure This Script runs every night
  • Poke Citadel to make sure its still working :)
  • Watch the Graphs

Other Stuff

Contact Me

Random Nonsense

  • "If the dinosaurs had a space program, they'd still be here." - Ron Garan
  • Most awesome guy ever

My Subpages

JRWR/Missing LinksJRWR/SandboxJRWR/common.css