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Microsoft Store
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Release dates
Windows October 26, 2012
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Key points

Easy installation/upgrades/uninstallation and purchasing; available everywhere Windows is officially sold.
UWP games are very restricted, and if certain graphics settings aren't supported, they can't be hacked in by third-party software such as Nvidia Control Panel.
Only XInput controllers are supported with controller supported titles.[1]

The Microsoft Store (formerly Windows Store) is an app store introduced with Windows 8 and Windows RT. Purchased apps can be used on up to 81 devices for Windows 8 and 8.1[2] or 10 devices for Windows 10;[3] systems can be remotely removed from this total if they are dead, stolen, or otherwise inaccessible.

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps and games require Windows 10 to run, and will not function on another version of the operating system. The similar, but distinctly different, type of apps for Windows 8.x is called Modern UI ("Metro") apps.

Windows 8.x: Modern UI/Metro apps always run at the desktop resolution and scale correctly to all resolutions and aspect ratios but do not spread across multi-monitor setups. Windows apps require a minimum resolution of 1024x768 (desktop applications can be used at lower resolutions as usual but Windows apps will refuse to launch).[4]

Issues fixed[edit]

Windows apps are shown in random language[edit]

This is problem especially with systems using other main language than English.
Windows apps and Store use Windows language settings to determine which language to use and if none on the list matches it defaults to English. This means if for example Japanese language has been added to list as IME, it defaults to it instead of English.
Add desired language to windows language list[5]
  1. Go to Control Panel, Clock, Language and Region and Language Options.
  2. Click Add language and add desired language to list.
    • If language is already on the list, move it higher up.
  3. From Advanced settings, make sure every setting is set to Use language list.