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Key points

Information Enables use of DirectInput controllers in games that only support XInput ones.

General information

More information Official site
More information GameCompatibilityList.


  1. Copy x360ce.exe to any folder of your choosing and open it.
  2. Edit the Controller tabs key bindings to your liking. Check the Games Compatibility list and select the correct compatibility mode for your game. Once that's done you can close the application.
  3. Copy x360ce.ini and xinput1_3.dll to the game application folder and run the game.
Information If x360ce is properly configured, a beep should be heard when launching the game


Simply delete xinput1_3.dll from the game folder.

Issues unresolved[edit]

Can't use controllers with Unity engine games[edit]

Information Unity is incompatible due to the Unity input manager using Raw Input instead of DirectInput.[1] See Controller for other alternatives.

Problem setting right stick on some controllers such as SteelSeries 3GC[edit]

Information X360CE shows controller is offset as follows: 32767;-32768

Issues fixed[edit]

Right Analog Stick Activates Left Trigger[edit]

Fix Replace Xinput1_3.dll with a different version[2]

  1. Run X360ce and let the program create xinput1_3.dll and x360ce.ini files.
  2. Configure the controls like you normally would.
  3. Close X360ce.
  4. Download a special xinput1_3.dll.
  5. Extract it and copy it to a folder where you're installing X360ce, replacing the xinput1_3.dll from X360ce.


Information After replacing a file, X360ce will display a warning about configuration file not matching the X360ce version - ignore it.

x360ce not detected[edit]

Information Some games use xinput1_4.dll (e.g. OlliOlli).
Information Note that this will not work for Unity engine games.

Fix Rename xinput1_3.dll

  1. Set up x360ce normally.
  2. Rename xinput1_3.dll to xinput1_4.dll.
  3. The game should now detect the controller.

Unset controller from first player[edit]

Fix Bind controller to any slot

  1. Open your already configured x360ce.ini
  2. Cut-paste device unique identifier in [Mappings] section to desired PAD number.
  3. Save the changes


Information Using configurator again will reset this setting


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  2. TheGameBreaker99 video