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Xbox 360 Controller Emulator (X360ce) is a freeware emulator which enables the use of your DirectInput controller (GamePad, Joystick, Wheel) on recent games which only support XInput controllers such as the Xbox 360 controller. This application is Windows only and works on a limited number of games. If your game isn't on the compatibility list you should try the different compatibility modes and add its name here if successful.

The necessary files can be found on the application webpage under the Downloads section.



  1. Copy xinput1_3.dll, x360ce.exe and x360ce.ini to any folder of your choosing and open the x360ce application.
  2. Edit the Controller tabs key bindings to your liking. Check the Games Compatibility list and select the correct compatibility mode for your game. Once that's done you can close the application.
  3. Copy xinput1_3.dll to the game application folder and run the game.
  4. Everything should be working, some games may show the controller as an Xbox 360 controller.


Simply delete xinput1_3.dll from the game folder.

Common issues[edit]

Right Analog Stick Activates Left Trigger[edit]

Fix Replace Xinput1_3.dll with a different version[1]

  1. Run X360ce and let the program create xinput1_3.dll and x360ce.ini files.
  2. Configure the settings like you normally would.
  3. Close X360ce.
  4. Download a special xinput1_3.dll.
  5. Extract it and copy it to a folder where you're installing X360ce, replacing the xinput1_3.dll from X360ce.


Information After replacing a file, X360ce will display a warning about configuration file not matching the X360ce version - ignore it.

Game compatibility[edit]

Refer to the GameCompatibilityList. Use the 64-bit version for games with 64-bit executables.


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