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Mac OS
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Developer(s) Apple Inc.

Mac OS is a popular family of operating systems.


[edit] "Classic" Mac OS

The "classic" Mac OS is characterised by its lack of the command line, and encompasses the different Mac OS' from 1984 to 2001.

[edit] OS X

OS X (re-branded from "Mac OS X" in 2012) is the latest version of the Mac OS operating system (initially released in 2001), and is also the basis for iOS.

[edit] Useful Programs

[edit] Wine

Wine is one of the easiest and most popular way for Linux users to run programs written for Microsoft Windows. The Wine team has created a port for OS X that is well maintained and in a usable state.

[edit] Boot Camp

Boot Camp is an official piece of software included with OS X that assists users in installing and running Microsoft Windows in a partition on the hard drive. The most recent version only includes support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.

[edit] The Shell

The Unix Shell "bash" available on OS X is a very useful tool for doing system tasks. If you use OS X as your main operating system, then it is heavily recommended that you learn how to use it.

Google Code University provides a good starting guide.


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