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Play StarCraft II and World of Warcraft side by side in fullscreen

Key points

Advantage Fast, seamless task switching with no risk of crashes or freezes with no performance costs.
Advantage Eliminates screen tearing.
Disadvantage AMD/ATI cards do not support Crossfire in this mode.
Disadvantage Most games will have problems with edge scrolling on multi-monitor setups.


Borderless gaming[edit]

Information Open source and simple to use application.
Advantage Dynamic, adapts easily when switching to a different resolution on another monitor. A manual toggle is also avaiable.

Windowed borderless gaming[edit]

Advantage Customizable position axis and resolution size.
Disadvantage Slightly buggy, can get messy to use, no longer supported.


Advantage Full of customizable features.


Advantage Lightweight easy to use utility, usefull for TVs.


Advantage Manually completely override the size of a game's border sending it off screen.
Disadvantage Slightly overly complicated, not compatible with certain games.

Fix InstructionsLink

  • Run the desired game at the screen's native resolution while in windowed mode.


Information ShiftWindow has a bug where the Windows taskbar goes over the window, a fix can be found here.


Information Games built on the Unity engine can be run in a borderless window by adding the launch argument -popupwindow to the main executable and checking the 'windowed' option in its launcher.

Forced windowed mode[edit]

Advantage Great for older games which have no native windowed mode support such as the Black & White series.


Advantage Allows to have and use multiple configurations at once.
Advantage On certain cases it might even fix performance issues allowing older games to get past 30 FPS and such.
Disadvantage Might appear complicated to use at first.
Information D3DWindower has to be run with admin rights on. See Windows compatibility mode.

Fix InstructionsLink

  1. Extract D3DWindower anywhere.
  2. Run D3DWindower.exe.
  3. Click the third button Add Program, select the game's executable, go to Program Options (the gear icon).
  4. In the DLL field find D3dHook.dll from the source folder and add it.
  5. Set your desired resolution.
  6. Use the fifth button, Run Program to start a game.


Information Activating the emulation is not even necessary as long as the DLL is specified.


Advantage 3DAnalyze has many features alongside a forced windowed mode.

Fix InstructionsLink

  • In the Performance tab under DirectX 8.1 and 9.0 thick the Force windowed mode checkbox located at the end, then run the game.


Advantage Great for Win95/98 like games such as StarCraft, Diablo and Quake.
Advantage Presets already included.
Disadvantage Slightly buggy interface, in-game performance might get worse.


Information Either AutoHotkey L or Basic are required for the following scripts.
Disadvantage Games utilizing PunkBuster as an anti-cheat measure may mistakenly treat AutoHotkey as a cheat.

Saving and running a script[edit]

Fix InstructionsLink

See AutoHotkey.

Scripts compilation[edit]

Borderless scripts[edit]

Fullscreen script[edit]

Information This script will full screen the currently active window onto your primary monitor with the F12 key

Fix Fullscreen scriptLink

 WinGet, WindowID, ID, A
 WinSet, Style, -0xC40000, ahk_id %WindowID%
 WinMove, ahk_id %WindowID%, , 0, 0, A_ScreenWidth, A_ScreenHeight

Fullscreen toggle script[edit]

Information This script will toggle between fullscreen and windowed modes when pressing F12 as well as hiding the taskbar on the fullscreen mode.

Fix Fullscreen scriptLink

 WinGet, TempWindowID, ID, A
 If (WindowID != TempWindowID)
 If (WindowState != 1)
   WinGetPos, WinPosX, WinPosY, WindowWidth, WindowHeight, ahk_id %WindowID%
   WinSet, Style, ^0xC40000, ahk_id %WindowID%
   WinMove, ahk_id %WindowID%, , 0, 0, A_ScreenWidth, A_ScreenHeight
   ;Hide Windows Task Bar and Start Button. (Remove the following two lines if you don't want that behaviour)
   WinHide ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd
   WinHide Start ahk_class Button
   WinSet, Style, ^0xC40000, ahk_id %WindowID%
   WinMove, ahk_id %WindowID%, , WinPosX, WinPosY, WindowWidth, WindowHeight
   ;Show the task bar again
   WinShow ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd
   WinShow Start ahk_class Button

Multiple monitors script[edit]

Fix Fullscreen scriptLink

  • WinMove, ahk_id %WindowID%, , 0, 0, A_ScreenWidth, A_ScreenHeight

0, 0 are the coordinates of the upper left corner of the window. You can change these to the coordinates of the upper left corner of another monitor. When multiple monitors are present Windows concatenates them all into one virtual desktop. For example, if both of your monitors are 1600x1200 and they are arranged side by side, your virtual desktop is 3200x1200. In this case to have the window appear on your right (secondary) monitor you'd have to change the code to this:

WinMove, ahk_id %WindowID%, , 1600, 0, 1600, 1200


The screen size should be entered manually instead of A_ScreenWidth, A_ScreenHeight in case your monitors have different resolutions. If you're not sure what the coordinates of the upper left of your screen are, Windows 7 Screen Resolution control panel will tell you when dragging the displays around.


Information Most Linux windows managers allow fullscreen applications to natively run under a borderless mode by default.

Another tip that exclusively works on Linux is running your game in a separate X server. This allows you to switch between your game and your desktop using CTRL+Alt+F7/F8 and it increases performance and stability. To do this, edit the launch options for your game on Steam as follows:

Fix Run Game in New X ServerLink

xinit %command% :1


Information You can also manually launch a non-Steam game by replacing %command% with the path to your game executable.

Improved tiling windows manager[edit]

Fix InstructionsLink

With i3, simply start the game in windowed mode. Then, move it to a new virtual desktop with the key combo: <shift>-<windows>-<x>, where x is the number of a VT currently unused. After that, switch to the VT using <windows>-<x>, and put the game window into fullscreen mode by pressing <windows>-<f>.