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Trying to make lists of D3D versions415:36, 27 August 2017
Widescreen resolutions for Impressions games003:45, 29 July 2017
Thanks for the edits on Incoming and Spider-Man (2001)222:50, 19 July 2017
Chrome and Chrome Specforce - WSGF outdated info406:35, 13 May 2017
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Note regarding CodeFusion support page209:05, 2 April 2017
Dishonored 2: Better intro-skip replacement video.2407:26, 30 November 2016
Origin links523:15, 7 November 2016
The new DRM template409:48, 31 August 2016
Direct2Drive?211:08, 20 August 2016
Dates not being processed properly (intermittently)123:27, 1 August 2016
Denuvo DRM ref for F1 2016 doesn't talk about DRM at all104:09, 10 July 2016
Your bot...009:56, 2 July 2016
Humble Store needs fixing209:02, 24 April 2016
VR table217:41, 21 March 2016
HTTPS to HTTP?222:29, 17 February 2016
Mistake120:12, 27 January 2016
Can't upload new covers on featured articles107:39, 24 November 2015
W3 Steam edit etc.423:43, 15 November 2015
MAS removal321:15, 15 October 2015
Garrbot added duplicate sys req header120:22, 15 October 2015
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Trying to make lists of D3D versions

It's something I wanted to do for the fun of it since it'd be nice to put all that data we have to good use. (would be much better than those manually edited wikipedia lists for sure).
Since the direct3d versions = is nothing but a text entry and thus semantic search doesn't work on it I tried transplanting #arraytemplate from Template:Input settings to API table with Template:Prompts copy listing all available versions.

User:Blackbird/Template - Transplated #arraytemplate to API table (direct3d versions)
User:Blackbird/Template2 - Transplated Template:Prompts to use as list of available D3D versions
User:Blackbird/Grand_Theft_Auto:_San_Andreas_(Windows_Store)#Other_information - Working result (stupid commas)

Is there some better way to do this? I've tried making it work with current entries as much as possible.

Blackbird (talk)14:06, 26 August 2017

You were on the right track. The separator should be set in #arraymaptemplate to avoid the issue with trailing/empty commas (see the documentation for details).

The #switch can have multiple values use the same result by leaving them blank as needed (see Template:API/switch). Once the invalid category has populated a bit more there may be some other valid values to be added.

Invalid values are shown on the page normally and Category:Invalid template usage (API) is applied (I experimented with having it fall back to the unknown symbol, but this looks messy if multiple values have been used).

Garrett (talk)04:31, 27 August 2017

Ah I see. Looking at your code it seems bit more complicated than I thought. Also not sure why you set 10.1 as unknown. It's legit D3D version unlike 8.1 and other stuff.
Just tested it and it works indeed. Thanks man! This is gonna be hella useful for me! :)

Blackbird (talk)09:45, 27 August 2017

10.1 looks to be working correctly on Assassin's Creed; is there a page where it isn't working?

The template ended up much more complex than intended due to some technical issues regarding how .0 decimals work. This way the version numbers match up how you'd expect (e.g. pages might specify 9.0 or 9, both of which turn into 9 on the property).

Garrett (talk)10:34, 27 August 2017

Yeah I can see that, homewer the way 10.1 was set up before absorbed it into D3D10 as far as I can tell which wasn't my intention. I added it as separate thing as can be seen on User:Blackbird/Test

Blackbird (talk)15:36, 27 August 2017

Widescreen resolutions for Impressions games

FYI, I added the "Widescreen resolution" sections to the Caesar III and Zeus pages because the Pharaoh page has one. Since it's been allowed to keep it, I figured that that was the preferred template and should be synchronized across the other Impressions games. If you prefer the way that you just edited Caesar III and Zeus, you may also want to edit Pharaoh... as well as Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, which I also edited to be like Pharaoh.

Osprey (talk)03:45, 29 July 2017

Thanks for the edits on Incoming and Spider-Man (2001)

Hello, I added significant amounts of information to Spider-Man (2001) and Incoming. Afterwards, I've noticed you clean-up my work, so I wanted to thank you for doing that. I also wanted to get some advice from a distinguished member of the community such as yourself. I've reviewed edits on both pages, and wanted to know some answers to burning questions.

  • In local play modes and lan play modes, what are the possible options I can use? It might be a dumb question to ask since you left it blank in Incoming, but I was curious. Aren't the possible values Co-Op and Versus?
  • Why should the title for the "Key Points" section be in lowercase for Spider-Man (2001) (as you changed it to "Key points")?
  • You removed the fix box for the Spider-Man (2001) Macintosh patch in the Essential Improvements section. The section seems messy to me now, as I have an addiction to not having loose text on a page, so I was wondering your reasoning as to it's removal.

Thank you for the work you and your bot do for the Wiki, i'm still fairly new, so I want to learn as much as I can! P.S. I basically assembled the Pac-Man: Adventures In Time page from scratch, despite the edits and fixes from Blackbird, I would be honored to have your critiques as well!

WolfBoy980 (talk)06:38, 18 July 2017

Multiplayer only recognises specific modes (see the editing guide section). This information is used for the List of Local Multiplayer Games to make it easy to sort games by mode, so pages specify the general type rather than the name the game actually uses for that mode. Unrecognised mode names are hidden from view and categorised for cleanup. I'm not familiar with how Incoming's multiplayer works so I changed it to blank.

The Key points and patch layout are for consistency with existing pages. I don't recall whether there was any particular reason why these became the standard (the capitalisation has been recently raised on the development forum).

I have been thinking about ways of making the patches section more consistent and visible. Something like a fixbox could certainly work for this.

Garrett (talk)10:30, 18 July 2017

Thank you!

WolfBoy980 (talk)22:50, 19 July 2017

Chrome and Chrome Specforce - WSGF outdated info


Few weeks ago I posted a FOV fix for these two games on WSGF and on the pages for these games here which should fix the problem running the game in ultra-widescreen and multi monitor setups(low FOV was the problem). I also edited the entries here from "false" to "unknown" and removed the outdated WSGF ratings. But I see you changes it back. The info on WSGF is outdated and ratings were made before my fix.

Antrad (talk)05:26, 15 April 2017

This was unintentional (I didn't check the page history). I've changed the wiki grading back to unknown for ultra-widescreen/multi-monitor. I have both these games so I'll update the WSGF pages later on.

Garrett (talk)06:41, 15 April 2017

You should wait a bit before you bother installing the games and update the WSGF ratings. I have recompiled some of the Java code the games use and fixed some bugs like the game using very small font on high resolutions, and subtitle, tutorial and objective text not being scaled up with resolution. I also wrote a program that reads all the external GUI definitions and scales up the font size by a given value, so all the text should be readable even on 4K and above (I can only test on 1440p).

I have also managed to disable LOD switching, so the game renders high quality models all the time. I increased terrain LOD and grass rendering distance.

The only thing I am unable to fix is the FOV in the cut-scenes and in the main menu. The best I can do so far is disable the black bars in the cut-scenes, so you can see a bit more of the scene. It should do the job for ultra-widescreen, but probably wont help much in 3 monitor setups.

I am currently playing these games and testing all this, so I wont upload the files until I finish both games. Probably will take 2-3 weeks.

Antrad (talk)19:33, 15 April 2017

Great, I'll check it out then.

Garrett (talk)01:55, 16 April 2017

OK, it took a bit longer than I expected. The unofficial "patch" is up on ModDB:

Jackfuste from WSGF helped me fix the FOV issues. He changed a dll file, so the games are now hor+ instead of ver- in game, cut-scenes and other places it was needed.

Antrad (talk)06:35, 13 May 2017

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Note regarding CodeFusion support page

This was a long while ago (24 August 2016‎) but on the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided page you added a note under Issues fixed -> Can not start Redeem.exe - api-ms-win-core-libraryloader-l1-2-0.dll wasn't found (Retail) regarding a CodeFusion support page. Do you remember if this page is legit?

I looked into it and the domain seems registered to a Gmail account, which is not typical behavior for corporate support pages. The online form asks for the user's serial number, so I'm concerned that it might be a scam since no references are listed besides the note and no mention of it exists on the pages that are referenced.

Aemony (talk)22:15, 1 April 2017

It's real. That redeem page is linked to from the activation program included on the DVD for that region. Denuvo games make calls to this domain when launched (see this poster's investigation of Just Cause 3, for example) and may prompt with a link to a page on this domain in cases where authentication isn't available.

I don't know why Denuvo chose to use an unrelated domain name with suspiciously bare-bones activation pages, but that's the way they've done it.

Garrett (talk)01:36, 2 April 2017

Thanks a lot. I've added a reference to the NeoGAF page as well. Really weird of Denuvo to do so...

Aemony (talk)09:05, 2 April 2017

Dishonored 2: Better intro-skip replacement video.

Feel free to just delete this post/thread once you've got the files.

(7z = solid archive = smaller because all 4 files have the same content, but not everybody has 7z. Sadly.)

Improvements over the current "void engine" video:

1) Directory structure like the installed game, aiding the user. (starts with "Dishonored2")

2) No sound.

3) No fade-in that is then cut off.

4) Smaller.

5) Shorter playback-time.

6) Shows clearly the Arcane Studios logo, which is in the spirit of the product, doesn't look as much like a hack.

Downside: First one or two frames are blocky, and you see that 4 times. But overall, it's considerably better.

God, owner of the universe (talk)05:30, 11 November 2016

OK, I have updated it now. Is there a reason why this is longer than a single frame? If you use an image (e.g. PNG) as the source the converter will make a single-frame video by default.

You can update files directly with the "Upload new version" link on the file's page (even if you weren't the original uploader).

Garrett (talk)06:07, 11 November 2016

> You can update files directly

Today I learned.

> Is there a reason why this is longer than a single frame?

I used Radtools to convert the existing video, which allows to choose a frame range. Don't know if it can do PNGs, I only saw that it can EXTRACT images (e.g. PNG) from videos. Anyway:

Originally, I tried 10 frames. Had only one of the movies replaced with it. But the game froze with a black screen when it got there.

Tried 20 frames - same result. 30 worked. Tried 25, worked. So, that's what the original upload was.

I noticed that the game seems to do an extra fade in/out for each clip when it is played, at least I think it was not in the videos themselves. Maybe that fading is not implemented properly: They didn't expect videos shorter than fade-time. Maybe.

Anyway, the current upload is only 20 frames, I think, and because of this and your reply, I'll try to do a 1-frame later.



By the way, do you have any idea why the page

(and probably similar) is only blank in Firefox? I disabled all extensions (and restarted FF), and I have the same problem at home and in the office. Works fine in Chrome.


So I only looked at the above link in Chrome and wasn't logged in. In case you can only update a download-file while logged in, no wonder I didn't see that.

Wait, I'll just test that ... WTF! Now I logged in with Chrome and visited the above link. I get:

The page isn’t working / is currently unable to handle this request. / HTTP ERROR 500

Maybe that's because of our proxy, but maybe the problem is with PGCW. When I log out again (via a different page) and reload the page with the error message, it works.

In case it's a PCGW problem (I'll probably find out once I get home.), maybe it's because I have spaces and even a comma in my name?

God, owner of the universe (talk)10:47, 11 November 2016

If the game is actually waiting for the video in some way that may mean videos can't be the shortest length (most games don't do this).

As for the browser issue, try forcing a refresh (Ctrl+F5).

Garrett (talk)11:04, 11 November 2016

I'm sorry, I made a few late edits. Your reply wasn't made yet after that, but I believe you somehow didn't see them yet.

God, owner of the universe (talk)11:21, 11 November 2016

I've brought the IP.Board issue to Soeb on IRC.

EDIT: the comma is the problem; "Characters not permitted: [ ] | , ; $". The wiki registration page doesn't enforce these character restrictions. If you want to have the IP.Board side working Soeb could rename your account to something else (this is entirely up to you; it doesn't break anything on the wiki side).

Garrett (talk)12:11, 11 November 2016

> Is there a reason why this is longer than a single frame?

Ok, experiment done! User "Arnex02" on the DH2 talk page

supplied all black movie(s), "each" a second long, indeed resulting in 4 seconds of blackness. I took that movie and converted it to have only FIVE frames (still 33ms per frame), so it should overall be very short. Tried it - took very long (but worked).

Either way - that's uncomfortable, because just blackness, and for such a long time, is unsatisfactory. With the current movies, we're good: You can see the blockiness of the movie's start 4 times, so you see progress and see that everything's working out.

So, what about the much too long FIVE frames of blackness?

Well - if you look at the game's start with my "Arcane Studios" movies, you'll notice that the last time the movie runs, it takes a lot longer. I guess the game just needs some time before it can move on (and it probably does stuff while the movies play).

TL;DR: Doesn't get any shorter, anyway.

God, owner of the universe (talk)16:07, 11 November 2016

Origin links

I can't figure out how to use this link in availability
Neither command-and-conquer or command-and-conquer-the-ultimate-collection work.
It seems Origin uses different links now and PCGW relies on old redirects or something? Or different format for certain stuff?

Blackbird (talk)22:09, 15 October 2016

The problem is that this game uses a custom edition name. I don't have a solution for this right now. In the meantime this game could be linked to with the Official store type. Other Origin links seem to be working fine since those games have the expected Standard Edition. If other games are affected I'll have to sort out a solution.

Garrett (talk)01:51, 16 October 2016

Damn. I thought as much. Guess it'll do for now. Thanks.

Blackbird (talk)07:31, 16 October 2016

This trend continues with Mass Effect: Andromeda. The /mass-effect/ part breaks it.

Blackbird (talk)18:04, 7 November 2016

Generic names don't seem to work with this store overhaul, so the linking format will have to require specifying more details (e.g. mass-effect/mass-effect-andromeda/standard-edition). Once I have implemented this it will break store links using the old format (some of which are already broken now anyway).

Garrett (talk)23:11, 7 November 2016

Sucks. Wish everyone stopped changing stuff and stuck to one thing like Steam. Thanks for taking care of it!

Blackbird (talk)23:15, 7 November 2016

The new DRM template

Any reason the DRM text isn't DRM?

Blackbird (talk)09:05, 8 August 2016

I didn't want to have a separate link right beside the name of the DRM (since Steam etc. actually link to a totally different page). Another option would be to include the DRM word as part of the same link for those cases.

I'm planning to make an adjusted version to cover the dual DRM situation Expack3 noted on Template talk:DRM, so I might experiment with that at same the time.

Garrett (talk)10:45, 8 August 2016

Fair enough.

Blackbird (talk)11:36, 8 August 2016

The DRM acronym is now linked with an abbreviation to visually distinguish it.

Garrett (talk)23:15, 30 August 2016

Nice. gj

Blackbird (talk)09:48, 31 August 2016


I noticed it's getting removed everywhere, but none of edits specified why. Are they shutting down or something?

Blackbird (talk)09:21, 20 August 2016

Soeb requested its removal following further questionable marketing on Direct2Drive's Twitter account.

Garrett (talk)10:40, 20 August 2016

I see.

Blackbird (talk)11:08, 20 August 2016

Dates not being processed properly (intermittently)

In your bot's edit, , it inserted |ref={{cn|{{subst:DATE}}}} instead of |ref={{cn|date=July 2016}}.

Not sure if this is caused by your bot or mediawiki.

Vetle (talk)15:25, 1 August 2016

That example is inside a comment (it seems MediaWiki doesn't process comment substitutions). The other dates in that edit were generated with the same substitution code.

Garrett (talk)23:27, 1 August 2016

Denuvo DRM ref for F1 2016 doesn't talk about DRM at all

The DRM reference you recently added to F1 2016 doesn't actually say anything about the DRM. Instead, this is all it says when I follow the link:

DEAR 'F1™ 2016' PLAYER,
If you’ve reached this page by launching 'F1 2016', the quickest way to start the game is to copy the Response code you receive from this page into the in-game message box that brought you here, and click the “Finish” button.
Here’s how to get a Response code:
From the in-game message box, click the “Copy to clipboard” button. Paste this code into the textbox below and click the “Request code” button. When the Response code appears, click “Copy to clipboard”. Return to the in-game message box and click “Paste from clipboard”. Click the “Finish” button to launch the game.
Expack3 (talk)14:55, 9 July 2016

Oh right, Denuvo isn't actually identified on the support pages for some reason. I'll expand the reference to be clearer.

Garrett (talk)04:09, 10 July 2016

Your bot... doing god's work. I like how it adds CN to fixboxes that lack ref. Good job!

Blackbird (talk)09:56, 2 July 2016

Humble Store needs fixing

It uses different links now
Some get redirected properly, but not all as above example Blitzkrieg, Removing the /p/ and _storefront should do the trick.

Blackbird (talk)13:53, 23 April 2016

Well spotted, I've fixed it now.

This change on their end has also affected some game IDs (e.g. Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas has changed from oceanhorn to ceanhorn-monster-of-uncharted-seas), so some store links will now be broken.

Garrett (talk)23:30, 23 April 2016

I see. Will check any links I'll come across to.

Blackbird (talk)09:02, 24 April 2016

The pre-made VR section template has all the entries empty rather than unknown, but most pages mark the available method as true/hackable and then leave the rest marked as unknown.
Which way is correct? Editing guide says "Fill in all the fields for 3D modes, but only fill in the applicable fields for Devices." which I guess means the latter. In that case you should update the pre-made template button?

Blackbird (talk)13:52, 20 March 2016

That template feature is part of the skin, so you'd have to ask Nicereddy or someone else with access to that.

Garrett (talk)21:31, 20 March 2016

I see.

Blackbird (talk)17:41, 21 March 2016


Why did your bot do this change. It's baaaaaaad one. Steam website supports HTTPS

Blackbird (talk)16:29, 17 February 2016

I set this up back when using Steam HTTPS resulted in broken pages (some buttons didn't work). They have resolved that since then. Thanks for the reminder, I've removed that filter now.

Garrett (talk)22:27, 17 February 2016

Thank ye!

Blackbird (talk)22:29, 17 February 2016

Defines [[Property:DualShock 4 light bar support‎]

Blackbird (talk)14:04, 27 January 2016

Well spotted, I've fixed it now.

Garrett (talk)20:12, 27 January 2016

Can't upload new covers on featured articles

I was trying to upload a new cover for Fallout 4 but the wiki won't let me due to some protection thingies.

RaTcHeT302 (talk)07:03, 24 November 2015

Home has cascading protection set, so anything it uses is treated as protected. In the meantime you can get myself or someone else to update affected images.

Garrett (talk)07:39, 24 November 2015

W3 Steam edit etc.

EDIT: Nvm, that didn't come off right.

MetalPlateMage (talk)04:48, 27 August 2015

This is related to the age-old debate; since none of the proposed solutions have been implemented I have been opting for the proper Steam ID as the stated DRM type (which is still mostly true).

Garrett (talk)08:35, 27 August 2015

You have to write what is true, not what is mostly true.
And the debate didn't have "solutions" because original questioners were enduring in a kind of circular argumentation.

Indeed, if a game doesn't require the client, it's DRM-free (but you should test it, not guess)

Mirh (talk)11:53, 27 August 2015

[EDIT: Removing content due to length; check history if interested.]

MetalPlateMage (talk)12:55, 15 November 2015

I see I have greatly underestimated this issue's significance to other editors. I will cease making such changes.

The previous forum discussion was mostly about the status of Steam as DRM in general.

EDIT: I have revived discussion in the form of a new topic specifically about implementations for the availability row.

Garrett (talk)23:04, 15 November 2015

MAS removal

I think the decision might have been a little premature - apparently, MAS is causing problems right now (see here) and the sales are only temporarily suspended, until a solution is found.

Soeb talk|contribs22:37, 14 October 2015

It's unclear how long it will take to fix, and the Mac App Store doesn't retain store pages for disabled games like Steam does.

Garrett (talk)00:13, 15 October 2015

Garrbot added duplicate sys req header

Garrbot's recent edits to Diver Down and Dead Synchronicity: The Longest Night (both of which I've made correcting edits on), which were attempting to add missing sys req tables, also added in a duplicate sys req header. Based on what I'm seeing, Garrbot doesn't currently check to see if it needs to add a sys req header when it notices missing system requirement table(s).

Expack3 (talk)13:19, 15 October 2015

Thanks for catching that, I was filtering based on the existence of the template ({{System requirements) rather than the heading (==System requirements==).

Garrett (talk)20:22, 15 October 2015
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