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First off, thank you for your work on the various. I do have one suggested change for the lists that I hope will be considered. Given that is not unheard of for some games in development and even in late stage testing not to survive to release, or to undergo significant redevelopment before they do, my suggestion is to wait to add games to the lists until the games are formally released. Alternatively, the games could be commented out in the lists until they are released. Best regards. (talkcontribs)
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The lists are dynamically generated by polling PCGW's internal database of pages, making them directly influenced by the community-driven input on PCGW as editors or guests go around and update articles on their own leisure. This means that there is no manual supervision of each entry when one gets added.

All that said, the release date column technically allows to separate the released games from games currently in development, as TBA/Early Access titles or similar will not have a release date set, or have one set in the future.

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