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As for Wiki, I'm mostly focusing on covering large amount of games instead of focusing on few and that's mostly because I own too many of them, see below for details.

As for me, lonely guy with tons of machines to play games with and cat to make sure I don't spend too much time with said machines. I guess this isn't an dating site so I'll leave it at that. (I do like fuzzy, fluffy and huggable stuff :3)

I rarely add in randoms into my friendlists, please understand, it's scary to have stranges on friendlist :c

You can contact me via other ways if needed, for wiki stuff use talk page or IRC, for other stuff I'm almost everywhere with same nickname and my steam profile comments are public.

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Articles Referrals (plz buy plox)
  • New game articles made by me.
  • My research article, may contain some stuff that doesn't fit on other pages and may not be backed up by much outside personal testing.
  • Things I focus on most when editing:
    • Frame rate, especially over 60 FPS.
    • Dualshock 4 compatibility (DirectInput and Steam Controller to some degree).
    • High quality screenshots.
  • Tools I use:
    • Dxtory, for FPS, screenshotting, 120 FPS recording and detecting used DirectX versions.
    • Gimp, for inspecting, cropping and combining screenshots.
    • DirectInput/XInput test tools thanks to Mirh.
    • ITAD for game availability.
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  • These are my personal referrars, so when you benefit from them, I do as well. Thank you for understanding and for support.
  • When playing with PC, of course you want everything to feel familiar and cozy. Then order custom made mousepad with image of your waifu now! Only 99 cents from artscow! Use code Z099MOUSEPADAQSFQ when checking out.
  • If you are one of the two persons who for some reason doesn't have dropbox, go register already! You'll even get 250 MB extra for free via my link!
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