Link Rot

We have a ton of it, Here is the list my bot came up with, Please reslove this

Waiting for remaining 47 threads to finish, please wait...

JRWR - PCGamingWiki Server Admin16:51, 12 September 2012


Newmansan (talk)19:20, 12 September 2012

I'm new here, so maybe I missed something, but I can only find one link to wikipedia in the Bastion article - it is correct, with the closing ')'. How come it's not correct in your listing? -- Karol (talk) 19:20, 12 September 2012 (UTC)

Karol (talk)19:20, 12 September 2012

Because JRWR probably terminated a string wrong or something. No big deal. A false positive, as it were.

Newmansan (talk)19:24, 12 September 2012

Wikipedia links in 'Intel (CPU)' article are fine too. The same pattern: closing ')'. Do I have to copy the whole list and strike out the false positives? The thread is going to be miles long.

Karol (talk)19:42, 12 September 2012

Nope. Just post which ones are fine and I'll strike them out on my post.

Newmansan (talk)11:12, 13 September 2012