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Documentation for the above template (sometimes hidden from view).

This settings table is meant to contain all information relating to input settings. If a setting is hackable or requires additional notes, add the information below the table in a header like so:

=== [[Controller support]] ===
Fixbox here

and make note of it in the table in the following fashion See [[#Controller support|Controller support]]. Any smaller notes can and should be included directly in the table.

Below is a more thorough explanation of each of the possible arguments. Each can be appended with  notes to fill in the information in the Notes column.

{{Input settings
|key remap                 = 
|key remap notes           = 
|acceleration option       = 
|acceleration option notes = 
|mouse sensitivity         = 
|mouse sensitivity notes   = 
|mouse menu                = 
|mouse menu notes          = 
|invert mouse y-axis       = 
|invert mouse y-axis notes = 
|controller support        = 
|controller support notes  = 
|full controller           = 
|full controller notes     = 
|controller remap          = 
|controller remap notes    = 
|controller sensitivity    = 
|controller sensitivity notes= 
|invert controller y-axis  = 
|invert controller y-axis notes= 
|touchscreen               = 
|touchscreen notes         = 
|button prompts            = 
|button prompts notes      = 
|controller hotplug        = 
|controller hotplug notes  = 
|haptic feedback           = 
|haptic feedback notes     = 
|simultaneous input        = 
|simultaneous input notes  = 
|steam input api           = 
|steam input api notes     = 
|light bar support         = 
|light bar support notes   = 
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