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Problem shotting relatives

  • Tools for crashes (hopefully at least one compares to WinDbg)
  • LD_DEBUG=files can be used as a sort of FileMon
  • cd /proc/<pid>/ and cat cmdline environ maps kind of make up for ProcExp
Mirh (talk)15:16, 14 April 2017

The part about running games in a new X server should be in the linux section of every linux game

Most of the issues people have with games is because of a window manager.

Dr jackd (talk)23:00, 23 October 2012

Note that some fixes are somewhat Debian/Ubuntu-specific

The "graphics drivers" fix is written as if it's generic to all of Linux, but uses Debian/Ubuntu-specific details (APT, policy of only including FOSS software) with no notice. For example, while Jockey exists on Arch, the package is just named jockey, and you need to semi-manually compile it from source (although you shouldn't need it on Arch, since Arch generally has a policy of being less strict on the FOSS-only front, as well as being more up-to-date).

Nullable (talk)21:13, 3 January 2013