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"Turn Off Texture Streaming" settings inaccurate

Daft inquisitor (talkcontribs)

Not sure who originally added it, or what version of the game they're using, but almost none of the fields in the WillowEngine.ini file exist that this method claims. Not sure if they've updated the WillowEngine.ini document (unlikely), or if the person that added them has the wrong document/wrong names for the settings. But either way, yeah, that needs fixed or removed because it's just flat out wrong.

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Anyone have a backup of Full Window from the developer's GitHub?

AmethystViper (talkcontribs)

I was about to download Full Window but the developer's page for it has been gone from the site, and I can't seem to find an upload of it anywhere else.

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Tested a command for removing unskippable intro vids

Jeth Calark (talkcontribs)

Gave the "-nostartupmovies" command a quick test, didn't seem to work at all. I'm using the Steam version, but it's not GOTY.

EDIT: I'm wrong; it DOES work. I must have goofed my testing somehow. Thanks to Karasuhebi for pointing it out.

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Valgrind (talkcontribs)

All the guides I can find say "Find UseVsync and set it to True (helps with tearing)". The version I just installed from Steam (non-GOTY) does not have that option set to anything though, so under which section should it go?

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