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Mirh (talkcontribs)
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anyone else running into BattlEye 577 error?

Hawaii Beach (talkcontribs)

For note: I'm running Win 10 Insider

Apparently waiting solves the issue for me, and verifying game cache worked one time..

Hawaii Beach (talkcontribs)

found, "You are most likely using a stock version of Windows 10 Home or the bugged pre-release Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10074. To fix this please search and install all available Windows updates." it seems that know that Win 10 Insider builds break the anti-cheat. Add to wiki?

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Djbarney (talkcontribs)

I suggest renaming this to "some users report Engine not utilizing CPU correctly". Looking at the references it does not appear to be confirmed that its actualy an issue with the engine, it could be an issue with some users machines. Also there seems to be a misconception about cpu cores and gpu being used 100% by a game. This is actually fairly rare and its usually only cpu burn software that can drive a core to that kind of maximum ... this is pointed out on the thread -

Hawaii Beach (talkcontribs)

I don't know if you play the game, or have friends who play it; but the game runs like crap for everyone.

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