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Why you SHOULDN'T disable "BackgroundLevelStreaming="

BONKERS (talkcontribs)

Setting this to false, causes a lot of bugs to happen, especially upon reloading a checkpoint.

Such as disappearing items like destructable barrels, to cutscene cameras going wacko.

I'll upload a video in a bit

BONKERS (talkcontribs)
Mirh (talkcontribs)

U.u I didn't think that the problems could be so odd.
I mean.. I expected bad textures or something similar.. but it seems like even camera "path" is one of the streamed objects (that is dumped after being used)

This may even benefit a little bit some players if their hard disks are fragmented as hell, though it was known this setting has always been very problematic

I wonder if raising hypothetical "cache size" (I hope it's understandable) couldn't allow camera/textures/all to not be garbaged

BONKERS (talkcontribs)

I don't know. But I am inclined to doubt this.

The game is streaming a lot of data from hard drive to the GPU, I would think an SSD would be more beneficial.

You can also modify the texture groups to lodbias=0 (Some are set to 1) and add ",NumStreamedMips=0" to the end of every texture group except for shadow maps (which already has it set to 3)

Mirh (talkcontribs)

Hard drives are already more than enough to stream levels.
As long you are not using PATA 10-years-old 40GB models... and your drive is defragmentated I believe there are no reasons to worry

Then other stuttering causes may be bad drivers (including audio and chipset) or crappy background services/programs.
Only after we have ruled out all of this, we could reck the possibility the game itself is the problem (and in this case..cmon: it's UE3. It wouldn't be first choice of many developer if it had so stupid issues)

Oh, and here some ideas for those setting. Besides, LOD should just affect quality, not performance

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