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PunkBuster is a program created by Even Balance Inc. designed to detect forms of cheating in online games. It is used in several prominent multiplayer games today. Although it has been in development since 2000, it is known to still cause problems with other programs and certain hardware configurations.

Installing PunkBuster[edit]

Most games that require PunkBuster for multiplayer will install it when the game itself is installed.

In cases where it isn't, details on installing PunkBuster can be found at their website.

Updating PunkBuster[edit]

On occasion PunkBuster may release an update for a specific game. In this case, the game will usually kick you from servers if you are running an old version of PunkBuster for the game. To update the version of PunkBuster for a specific game, download PBSetup.exe from their website. If the game you want to update isn't listed in the main view, select Add Game and find the game you are looking for. Once it has been added to the main window, select the game then select check for updates. If there is an update available, PunkBuster will then install it.

Games That Use PunkBuster[edit]

Known Problems With PunkBuster[edit]

Some 64-bit games are not compatible with PunkBuster, requiring the user to play the 32bit version of the game to play online.

Some older games that use PunkBuster require an administrator account to play online properly.

The Steam overlay causes problems with PunkBuster, it's recommended that you disable the Steam overlay for all PunkBuster games.

PunkBuster is not compatible with Wine or other compatibility layers.[1]

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