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GamersGate cover
GamersGate AB
Release dates
Windows 2006
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Key points

DRM: GamersGate Downloader (for games that are not sold as keys). Game installation requires internet access[1] even for games sold as DRM-free (see Install without internet access).[2]
Acquisition methods for a game can be changed by its publisher after the user has already purchased the game. This has happened when some downloads were replaced with Steam keys.[3]
Mixed reputation,[4][5][6] as such this storefront only warrants placement if it is the only website selling a particular title.

Official Links

Official Store
Official Twitter Account

Issues fixed[edit]

Install without internet access[edit]

Game installation requires internet access even for games sold as DRM-free.[2]
Bypass setup removal[2]
  1. Run the downloader and download the game normally. A GamersGate temporary files folder will be made in the same folder as the downloader.
  2. Wait for the installer to start.
  3. With the installer open, make a copy of GamersGate temporary files.
  4. Close the installer and the downloader (choose to delete the downloaded files).
  5. The copied installation folder contains setup.exe or install.exe (or similar) which will run without internet access.


This installer will work offline for games sold as DRM-free; games sold with DRM may still require online activation.