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Game Developer Publisher First release Available on
Age of Chivalry Team Chivalry 10 September 2007
Alien Swarm Valve Corporation 19 July 2010
Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop Reactive Drop Team 20 April 2017
Anarchy Arcade Elijah Newman-Gomez
Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing Initiative Aperture Tag Team 15 July 2014
Black Mesa Crowbar Collective
Blade Symphony Puny Human Games 7 May 2014
Bloody Good Time Outerlight Ubisoft 29 October 2010
Consortium Interdimensional Games 6 January 2014
Contagion Monochrome LLC 11 April 2014
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Valve Corporation, Hidden Path Entertainment 21 August 2012
Counter-Strike: Source Valve Corporation, Hidden Path Entertainment 1 November 2004
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Arkane Studios, Floodgate Entertainment, Kuju Entertainment Ubisoft 24 October 2006
Day of Defeat: Source Valve Corporation 26 September 2005
Day of Infamy New World Interactive 23 March 2017
Dear Esther The Chinese Room The Chinese Room 14 February 2012
Dino D-Day 800 North, Digital Ranch 8 April 2011
Dota 2 Valve Corporation 9 July 2013
E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy Streum On Studio 29 July 2011
Empires Empires 4 March 2006
Estranged: Act I Alan Edwardes 16 January 2014
Firefight Reloaded Bitl, Cobalt-57 5 November 2015
Fistful of Frags Fistful of Frags Team 9 May 2014
Fortress Forever Fortress Forever Development Team 13 September 2007
Garry's Mod Facepunch Studios Valve Corporation 29 November 2006
GoldenEye: Source GESHL2 Team 7 February 2009
Half-Life 2 Valve Corporation 16 November 2004
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch Valve Corporation 30 November 2004
Half-Life 2: Episode One Valve Corporation 1 June 2006
Half-Life 2: Episode Two Valve Corporation 9 October 2007
Half-Life 2: Lost Coast Valve Corporation 27 October 2005
Half-Life Deathmatch: Source Valve Corporation 1 May 2006
Half-Life: Source Valve Corporation 1 June 2004
INFRA Loiste Interactive 15 January 2016
Insurgency New World Interactive 22 January 2014
Left 4 Dead Turtle Rock Studios, Valve Corporation Valve Corporation 17 November 2008
Left 4 Dead 2 Valve Corporation Valve Corporation 19 November 2009
NeoTokyo STUDIO RADI-8 3 July 2009
No More Room in Hell No More Room in Hell Team Lever Games 31 October 2011
Nuclear Dawn InterWave Studios 26 September 2011
Portal Valve Corporation 9 October 2007
Portal 2 Valve Corporation 19 April 2011
Portal Stories: Mel Prism Studios 25 June 2015
Postal 3 Trashmasters Akella 23 November 2011
Revelations 2012 Dark Artz Entertainment 23 April 2012
SiN Episodes: Emergence Ritual Entertainment 10 May 2006
Tactical Intervention FIX Korea 8 October 2013
Team Fortress 2 Valve Corporation, Escalation Studios 9 October 2007
The Beginner's Guide Everything Unlimited 1 October 2015
The Hidden: Source Hidden Team 13 June 2005
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Other information[edit]

Source Dedicated Server[edit]

Works with multiple Source-based games.
See the "Source Dedicated Server", "SteamCMD" (for most Source games), or "HLDUSUpdateTool" (for games which haven't received updates for a while) articles on the Valve Developer Community Wiki for more information.
See also the the Steam Support article for setting up a Source Dedicated Server through Steam and the article on setting one up stand-alone.

Command line arguments[edit]

Can be used to increase performance in Source-based games and fix various problems.
Longer launch options can be stored in an autoexec.cfg (without the - prefix and with every command on its own line) in the game's config folder for easier readability and editing. Starting the game with the -autoexec command is required.
See the Command Line Options article on the Valve Developer Community Wiki for more information.

Issues fixed[edit]

Game launches in an unsupported or unusable resolution[edit]

Add your resolution to the game's launch options[citation needed]
  1. Navigate through your Steam library and open the game's properties.
  2. Add -width X -height Y to the game's launch options. Where X is your horizontal resolution and Y your vertical resolution.
  3. Press OK.

Console doesn't open[edit]

Make sure developer console is enabled. This can usually be toggled in the Advanced Settings under Keyboard/Controls.
You can't use the button above Tab and to the left of 1 to open the console, this is because the game only recognizes ~, which is not present on non-US keyboard layouts. There are two possible solutions:
Bind another key[citation needed]
  1. Navigate through your Steam library and open the game's properties.
  2. Add -console to the game's launch options. Start the game.
  3. Type in the console bind "X" toggleconsole (where X is the button you want permanently assign to this).


You can then remove the -console switch.
Bind console key with autoexec[citation needed]
  1. Navigate to the configuration file location.
  2. Create or open your autoexec.cfg file with your text file editor of choice.
  3. Make a new line and write bind "X" toggleconsole where X is the button you'll press to open up the console.
  4. Save and exit the text editor.


You might need add exec autoexec to your launch parameters if it doesn't get executed automaticly by the game.
Change keyboard layout[citation needed]
  1. Open Language and Country settings in Windows's the control panel.
  2. Select Change keyboard into Language and Keyboard tab.
  3. Add English (US) keyboard to the list of the available.
  4. Make sure you are using it and save.

Missing models or textures[edit]

Any missing textures will appear as a black and pink checkerboard pattern, missing models are represented by a large red ERROR model.
Instructions[citation needed]
  1. Find the desired game in the Library, then Right Click on it.
  2. Select Properties, Local Files, then push the Verify Integrity of Game Cache... button.

Enabling 7.1 Output (Windows Vista and later)[edit]

Even when 7.1 speaker option is selected, game may still output to only 5 speakers, leaving the side surround speakers void of sound.
This issue is typically present in Source engine games that use Miles Sound System.
Enable 7.1 Speaker Output In Source Engine Games[citation needed]
  1. Refer to Restoring Legacy Audio Effects (DirectSound 3D) and enable DirectSound 3D based on the audio device you have.
  2. Run the game and open the console (~).
  3. In the console, type: snd_legacy_surround 1
  4. Restart the game.
  5. Select 7.1 speaker output from the game's options.


If only up to 5.1 is available, select 5.1 and the game will discretely output to 7 speakers.
If using Creative's ALchemy, Source engine games typically need Buffers set to 5 and Duration set to 10.