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{{Availability Table|
{{Availability Table|
{{Availability Table/row| [http://store.steampowered.com/app/24780/ Steam] | {{ID|Steam}} | Deluxe Edition only.}}
{{Availability Table/row| [http://store.steampowered.com/app/24780/ Steam] | {{ID|Steam}} | Deluxe Edition, PC only.}}
{{Availability Table/row| [http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00457VJ3G/ Amazon] | {{ID|Amazon}} | Download (Deluxe edition only) or CD.}}
{{Availability Table/row| [http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00457VJ3G/ Amazon] | {{ID|Amazon}} | Download (Deluxe edition, PC only) or retail CD.}}
{{Availability Table/row| [http://store.origin.com/store/ea/en_US/DisplayProductDetailsPage/productID.198095500 Origin] | {{ID|Origin}} | Deluxe edition only.}}
{{Availability Table/row| [http://store.origin.com/store/ea/en_US/DisplayProductDetailsPage/productID.198095500 Origin] | {{ID|Origin}} | Deluxe Edition, PC only.}}
{{Availability Table/row| [http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/us/en/pc/games/simulation/simcity-4-deluxe-edition-na/ GreenMan Gaming] | {{ID|Gmg}}| Deluxe edition only.}}
{{Availability Table/row| [http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/us/en/pc/games/simulation/simcity-4-deluxe-edition-na/ GreenMan Gaming] | {{ID|Gmg}}| Deluxe Edition, PC only.}}

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Template:Infobox SimCity (series)

Sequel to SimCity 3000 (1999).
Poorly optimised for current computer hardware


Template:Availability Table

Issues and Fixes

Poor Performance on Modern Systems

Some newer, modern systems may suffer performance issues if using Windows 7/Windows Vista, using multi-core CPUs, or recently released GPUs.

To try and fix this you can do the following:

  1. Run SimCity 4.
  2. Go to the settings menu.
  3. Under "Renderer", check "Software".
  4. Restart SimCity 4.

Crashes on Multi-Core Systems

When SimCity 4 crashes on a multi-core system, assign it to a single CPU according to this tutorial or by adding -CPUCount:1 in the launch options through Steam or in the "target" field of a shortcut to SimCity4.exe (Retail or Origin version).

IH Missing Jobs

There is a bug within the game where almost every IH lot in the game doesn't offer any high wealth jobs even though it creates a demand for high wealth residents. IH Missing Jobs Fix takes care of that and will have people filling up those IH jobs, allowing your lots to prosper and grow.

Cities get automatically moved from the Region folder to the Downloads folder

When you have two or more copies of the same city in your Region folder upon starting SimCity 4, the game uses only one version and the other city copies are either deleted or automatically moved to the Downloads folder. SimCity 4 determines which file to use by sorting the city file names alphabetically and taking the first entry.

Example: If you have the following city copies in your region folder, then only "City - TEST 1.sc4" will be kept, the others will either get deleted or will be moved to the Downloads folder:

City - TEST 1.sc4
City - TEST 2.sc4
City - TEST 3.sc4
City - TEST 4.sc4

Unresolved Issues

Integer Overflow

An integer overflow bug is also present in the game. Under certain conditions, the Junior Sports Program and Parks and Recreation expense items will be a negative value - thus adding to the end of month balance instead of reducing it.

Intel Macintoshes

The game has major flaws when operating on computers by Apple using Intel processors. Aspyr released a beta of a patch to fix the problems in 2007, but the patch was never finalized and many bugs remain. Some have a serious impact on playability, including frequent crashes if a city exceeds 95,000 population, flawed display of the water surface, frequent blurring or replacement of objects with random other objects, and an inability to significantly accelerate the vehicle in driving mode that prevents many gameplay features from being unlocked.

Minor Issues and Fixes

Minor issues and fixes can be found here.

Graphical Tweaks

Custom resolutions

Custom resolutions are possible, with caveats, as explained at Widescreen Gaming Wiki. The simplest way is to put -CustomResolution:enabled -rXResolutionxYResolutionx32 in the launch options through Steam or in the "target" field of a shortcut to SimCity4.exe (Retail or Origin version). Example for 1920x1080 at 32-bit: -CustomResolution:enabled -r1920x1080x32

Windowed Mode

To have SimCity 4 launch in windowed mode use the parameter -w in the launch options or the target field of the shortcut. To revert, removing -w is not always enough. If you get stuck in windowed mode, use the parameter -f to revert to full screen on launch.

Turn off Intro

To disable the intro, use the parameter -intro:off in the launch options or the target field of the shortcut.

Further parameters

More parameters can be found via this link. Please be aware that if you use the -UserDir parameter, changes made in any ingame options may not be saved properly.

Multimonitor Support

There is no multimonitor support according to Widescreen Gaming Forum.


The game doesn't support any form of antialiasing.

Anisotropic Filtering

There is no anisotropic filtering option available in the game.


This section is originally based on this reddit thread by remixof1983, used here with permission and remixed for ease of use. Additionally, this thread has been used as a point of reference.

Please keep in mind that some mods may require dependencies. Dependencies are files essential for properly running the mod and must be downloaded. The dependencies for each mod are listed on the respective mod's page. Also, the sites on which you will find these mods require that you create a free account in order to actually download the content.

Some of these mods, and many others, can be found on the site Simtropolis.

  • NAM: Network Addon Mod. The NAM is probably the largest Simcity 4 mod, simply due to the sheer number of features. It is an extensive reworking of the road system that includes multi-tiered roads, elevated rails, highways, lanes, roundabouts, underground rails, tram systems and a variety of bug fixes and improvements to the traffic simulator, such as accurate path-finding and performance improvements.
  • SAM: Street Addon Mod. The SAM includes a few set of roads for your city. Gravel, dirt, asphalt, cobblestone and brick roads give you a lot more control over individual neighborhoods. The mod uses starter pieces, so read the instructions before you begin to use it.
  • NMW: Network Widening Mod. The NWM is a content pack for the NAM, which adds 3, 5, 6 and 7 lane roads and avenues. It is useful for decorating your city, but the roads help reduce traffic stress as well.
  • RealHighway Mod. The RHM is another content pack for the NAM that provides a new set of highway intersections that utilize dirt roads. These cost less to build and maintain, so they are recommended for rural use. The mod also includes a set of double decker highways and intersections.
  • Railway Addon Mod. The RAM is yet another content pack for the NAM, albeit a simple one. It incorporates a network of single rail tracks into the game, interchangeable at will with the standard rail tracks.
  • SPAM: SimPeg Agricultural Mod. The SPAM is a mod that completely replaces the farming system, which was left unfinished at the time of the game's release. It raises farming's importance in the early game to a very high degree, at which point it is actually viable to create cities solely based on agriculture. Being such a popular mod, SPAM addons exist that allow you to customize your agricultural city even further with that take things even further with custom buildings, roads and lots.
  • CAM: Colossus Addon Mod. The CAM allows you to use CAMeLots, which completely redefine the look of the game. If you're tired of the same old buildings popping up in your city, CAM alters the stage growth of in-game buildings for better development, which has the effect of spicing up the game by adding a ton of new buildings. There are many dependencies.
  • CDK3: Marina. Marina is a part of the Coastal Development Kit, which is a series of mods and lots to liven up your coasts, including seaports, seaport villages and boardwalks. They give you an entirely new marina for your game and allow you to actually expend the marina along the entire coast with additional buildings such as boat storage, a yacht club, a sport fishing club, a marina parking lot, and more. The full collection is found here.This image shows you what you can create with the entirety of the CDK3.
  • RMIP: Runway Making Improvement Project. The RMIP allows for the creation of unique airports via the infrastructure creation plops. Additional plops can be found here.Although it won't be out for quite a while, the team behind this are already working on the next mod in this series which you can follow here: RMIP-3 Large Airport Edition.
  • Paeng's Parks. This mod gives you the power to create truly beautiful parks in your city, including paths, gardens, gazebos, monuments and similar attractions found in parks. Addons add administration buildings and cemetery walls. This and this are two examples of the amazing parks you will be able to create with this mod.
  • Paeng's Free Waters. This mod is a set of waterside plops that allow you to beautify your lakes and rivers. If you want to get more in depth, look up Paeng's Turbulences Vol. 1, Paeng's Turbulences Vol. 2 and PEG Ponds and Streams which includes waterfalls. Here is an example of what you can do with the Free Waters and the Turbulences mods.
  • MTP: Mountain Theme Pack. This mod allows you to create entire communities in the mountains and forests, with many unique lots and buildings, such as trails, a lumber yard, a saw mill, unique roads, parking lots, parks, lodges, cabins, and much, much more. This mod comes from PEG, the same crew behind CDK3, Ponds and Streams, and several other mods.
  • MAPP: Modular Amusement Parks Pack. The MAPP allows you to create amusement parks within your city and includes a wide variety of rides and coasters.
  • Age Degradation Mod. It's all in the title. This mod changes the rate and way hat buildings degrade, as the built-in system was both flawed and unrealistic.
  • Industrial Facelift. This mod provides many new props to the industrial part of your city, and changes the amount of lots, buildings and their size.
  • LRM: Light Replacement Mod. This mod replaces most of lighting system in the game. Improved streetlights, night lighting and lighting engine make this mod a must have for cities to be truly beautiful.
  • Rivit's Coastal Mod. This mod allows you to change the color of the water and beaches in your regions/cities. There are several choices of color for both the water and the shores, giving you a variety to mix and match. The resulting effects are beautiful.
  • Beach Extend Mod. This mod gives you larger, more realistic beaches by simply extending them slightly further into the water.
  • JRJ Sidewalk Mod. This older mod allows you to change the sidewalk textures from the Maxis default to the new texture. There are several styles to choose from. An alternative mod is HD Gravel Sidewalks.
  • Radius Doubler Mod increases the coverage of your in game services. All the schools, police stations, fire departments along with the clinic and hospital will have increased coverage. Allows for lower density cities.
  • Toll Booth Boster V2.0 increases the capacity of your toll booths, letting traffic flow smoothly through your toll booths. Optionally, you can also have higher toll booth charges for some extra income.
  • PEG Snow Mods allow you to create a winter wonderland! Allows the building of ski resorts.
  • BSC Canals is one of many canal sets available, featuring a lot of different pieces to play with. Additionally, BSC Brick Canals Bridge Pack, Urban Canal Set and BSC Canals Narrow Set give you some more choices when building your canal network. for more BATs and lots, check out the author's page on the LEX.
  • PEG CSK: Channel Stream Kit is another canal mod, this one has some cool addons like restaurants, water taxi, docks, and more.
  • Oppie's Canal Set is just what it sounds like. yet another set of canals for your Simcity.


  • SC4Terraformer. This is a widely used tool that ca render custom maps designed and built within the program.
  • SC4DataNode. This is a tool that checks your pugins folder, analyzes it, and tells you if any mods are missing dependencies or not. Very useful for making sure every plugin works.


Many texture packs exist for Simcity 4. They are hard to find, so this is a WIP section.

Game data

Save game location

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Save game cloud syncing

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SC4 Autosaver


System Requirements


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