Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Boxart.jpg
Release dates
January 9, 2014
September 25, 2014
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Metal Gear
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Metal Gear Solid: Integral 2000
Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance 2003
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 2014
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes 2014
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain 2015

Key points

Advantage PC version features texture filtering, high quality shadows, an option to increase cut pieces number and more PC-specific features.
Advantage The game appears to perform well, and the system requirements are overblown.[1][2]

General information

Information PC Report
More information Official game site
More information Metal Gear Wiki
More information Steam Community Discussions


Source DRM Notes Keys Availability Table Icons - Steam.svg
Green Man Gaming Availability Table Icons - Steam.svg
Steam Availability Table Icons - Steam.svg
Information All Windows versions require Steam.

Game data[edit]

Windows %USERPROFILE%\Documents\MGR\SaveData\

Save game data location[edit]

Windows %USERPROFILE%\Documents\MGR\SaveData\

Save game cloud syncing[edit]

System Native Notes
Steam Cloud Native Saves will not sync with Steam Cloud if the system has no C: drive.[3]
GameSave Manager Native

Video settings[edit]

Graphics settings screen.
General settings screen, mostly about the controls.
Graphics option Option Notes
Widescreen resolution Native 800x600, 1280x720, 1366x768, 1680x1050 and 1920x1080 only. Non-16:9 resolutions are anamorphic by default.
Multi-monitor Hackable Use Flawless Widescreen.
Ultra-widescreen Hackable Use Flawless Widescreen.
4K Ultra HD Impossible
Field of view (FOV) Impossible
Windowed Native Aspect ratios other than 16:9 are anamorphic, and will look stretched on a window.
Borderless fullscreen windowed Hackable
Anisotropic filtering (AF) Native Up to 16 samples.
Anti-aliasing (AA) Native 2x, 4x or 8x MSAA
Vertical sync (Vsync) Native Frame rate is capped at 60 FPS, Vsync possibly forced alongside.
High frame rate Impossible Frame rate is capped at 60 FPS.
Information In fullscreen mode, the game will output at the desktop resolution. The game will internally scale the picture up or down.

Input settings[edit]

Keyboard remapping.
Keyboard and mouse Native Notes
Remapping Native Single key. Cannot bind extra mouse buttons. Impossible to input the Konami Code.
Mouse acceleration Native REVERSE mouse acceleration; feels like moving an analog stick.
Mouse input in menus Native
Mouse Y-axis inversion Native Both X and Y inversion options for camera control.
Controller support Native XInput controllers only.
Full controller support Native
Controller remapping Impossible 4 presets available.
Controller Y-axis inversion Native Same as mouse control; options linked.

Audio settings[edit]

Audio settings.
Audio options Native Notes
Separate volume controls Native Music, SFX, Voice
Surround sound Native Up to 5.0 output[4]
Subtitles Native
Closed captions Impossible
Mute on focus lost Impossible


Language UI Audio CC Notes
English Native Native Native
French Native Impossible Native
German Native Impossible Native
Italian Native Impossible Native
Japanese Native Impossible Native
Brazilian Portuguese Native Impossible Native
Spanish Native Impossible Native

Issues fixed[edit]

HDMI monitors: Stuck at 1080p24 / 1080i60[edit]

Information A fix can be found here.
Advantage The developers are looking at an official fix[5]
Disadvantage Some users[6] are reporting the game sets the monitor to 1080p24 or 1080i60, but only when enabling fullscreen and selecting 1920x1080 in the game (other resolutions run fine).
  • A workaround is to run it on a window or borderless fullscreen mode.
  • Another workaround is to use RadeonPro (some features of which do work on NVIDIA cards):

Fix Setup RadeonPro[7]

  1. Create a new profile for the game
  2. Under the [Tweaks] tab, set [Display refresh rate] to 60

Crash on launch[edit]

Fix Install game to C: drive

The game should work as long as the C: drive is present, but sometimes it has problems if it isn't installed to that drive.

Fix Disable Xfire ingame

Xfire has an in-game overlay that can cause crashing. Turning it off for this game or closing Xfire entirely should do the trick.

Issues unresolved[edit]

Skip intro videos[edit]

Information The game has a lengthy series of splash screens that are shown whenever the game starts up. So far it has not been discovered how to remove these, but it's possible to speed through them with repeated button presses on the controller.
Disadvantage Doesn't work with a keyboard

System requirements[edit]

Minimum Recommended
Operating system (OS)
XP, Vista, 7, 8
Processor (CPU) Intel Core i5 2400 Intel Core i7 3770
System memory (RAM) 2 GB 4 GB
Hard disk drive (HDD)
25 GB
Video card (GPU) Nvidia Geforce GTS 450
DirectX 9.0c compatible
Nvidia Geforce GTX 650
DirectX 9.0c compatible


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